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Does Your Business Need A High Risk Merchant Account?

It should be the aim of every business to have a merchant account, so they can accept credit cards for their products and services. However, many business owners have discovered that, because their business type is considered "High Risk", they do not qualify for traditional merchant account services.

If you've been turned away or declined because other credit card processors consider your businesses type as too risky, High Risk Solutions can help.


What Is A High Risk Merchant Account?

High risk merchant accounts are accounts that are set up by specialist financial institutions to provide credit card processing services to those industries that fall under certain high risk business categories.

Below are some of the businesses that typically require a high risk merchant account in order to process credit card transactions. Please keep in mind that the following list is just an example and is not entirely comprehensive. The perception of ‘high-risk’ can vary from one bank to another.

Some High Risk Industries Include:

Travel industry (airlines, vacation rentals and packages)

International e-commerce

The Alcoholic Beverages Industries

Electronic Cigarrettes



CBD Products

Hemp Oil


Calling cards

Debt Collection


Membership Organizations

Time Share

Vapor products



Multi-Level Marketing

Pharmaceutical Industry

Web hosting

Dating websites

Adult Websites and more

Multi-Level marketing

Online Gaming

Fantasy Sports

BitCoin – Crypto Currency

When a business type is regarded as "high risk", it requires a credit card processor with intricate knowledge of the industry it serves. At High Risk Solutions we know the best way to structure your account to save time and money. We have been providing credit card processing services for High Risk Industries since 1995.

Get started today and let High Risk Solutions provide your business with the best merchant account services at the guaranteed lowest price!