Being an adult movie describer is really a full-time job. Because of the competition for people who pay for adult merchandise, there is a huge need for people to provide the descriptions for each video on a website. Every video must be watched, put into categories and have a catchy, marketing title and description.

When I was hired for my first adult movie describer position, I was excited about the aspect of getting to watch movies and writing about them. What I learned really changed my perspective about the nature of the job.

Because I realized that I could make more money doing descriptions efficiently freelance, I started my own business.


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Getting Funding is Exponentially Rough

When I described what I wanted to do for a living to potential partners, they were not excited about the idea. Basically, they were scared of investing in one of the high-risk industries.

It did seem far-fetched that I would get paid really well to watch movies and write descriptions of them. The truth of this is that my business model is just copy-writing for alternative content.

Other people who have had a hard time getting funding include adult matchmakers, lingerie consultants and advertisers for legal escort services.

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Diversity Equals Higher Paychecks

As an adult movie describer, you really cannot be too choosy about the kind of content you are willing to watch. It does not matter if you have certain preferences. Watch all of the types of adult entertainment and describe them in an enticing way. Even if you personally do not personally like what you are watching.

The affect of this is that adult films become more of a product than a form of entertainment. The moment that you realize that there is no difference between marketing shampoo or “sxsy videos“, that makes the position easier.

The product aspect gives you a desensitization of these films which helps improve your copy-writing techniques.

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Get a DUNS Number as a Movie Describer

There are so many companies that try to fly under the radar within the adult industry. Adult entertainment is a tough sector to find legitimate (and responsible) companies. If your business has a DUNS number, then your business will be verified as real.

Also, when working with other industries, use the DUNS number lookup to see if allied businesses are also verified and legitimate. Do not work with illegitimate companies that do not pay you.


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Research High Risk Credit Card Processors

High risk credit card processors can be your best friends in this industry. In order to accept credit cards online for an adult (or porn merchant account), someone needs to underwrite the transaction. That way the transaction to be legitimate.

It is a great idea to research the level of customer service the high risk merchant account provider gives. A business like High Risk Solutions has been established since 1995 with helpful staff.

High Risk Solutions really wants to have a long-term relationship with their merchant partners. In order to do this, they have terrific customer service to assist you with high risk credit card processing.

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