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Flexibility with First-Rate Adult Payment Processing Solutions

It can be a challenge to get accepted for a merchant account if you have an adult entertainment enterprise. Having an adult payment processor is still important if you are going to accept credit cards online.

With the controversies over legal age restrictions and differing standards of taboo, some banks are just not willing to take the risk. The result is that traditional banks charge very high rates for adult merchant accounts.

High Risk Solutions (HRS) is based in the US that works with offshore banks with rates that are reasonable. This makes it possible for your to be able to accept credit cards without breaking your own budget.

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High Risk Solutions Can Help Your Adult Industry Business Get a Merchant Account

​Do I need a merchant account provider? Yes. In order to accept credit cards, you need an online gateway and a payment processor.

The payment processor works alongside your company for the long-term. They help settle disputes about refunds and chargebacks.

​Here are some sectors of the adult industry that accept credit cards online:

  • Video streaming
  • Adult toys and novelty items
  • Lingerie
  • Other forms of entertainment

Since most types of adult entertainment businesses are welcomed by High Risk Solutions, you can start getting the benefits of competitive rates. Get stable, adult payment gateway access to accept credit cards by starting your application now.

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If you've been turned away or declined because other credit card processors consider your businesses type as too risky, High Risk Solutions can help.

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Can I sell to customers worldwide? Yes. The Internet provides customers 24/7 worldwide. Many of these customers pay with credit cards (like Visa or MasterCard).

High Risk Solutions has a stable multi-currency exchange solution that can turn US Dollars, British Pounds, Euros and more into your domestic currency.

So many adult businesses are operating in many countries take advantage of the incredible exchange rates and domestic policies all over the world.

Can I enter card numbers online? Yes. Upon approval of your merchant account, High Risk Solutions will help you create the passage that will allow for customers to input their credit card information via your website.

PCI standards of security will ensure that once a customer enters their data into your website, that is it secure and encrypted.

Will HRS help me install the gateway software? Yes. Fill out the application. Then in 3-5 business days, you can get an approval to start constructing your payment gateway access.

It takes a knowledgeable merchant staff to know what your adult-related business needs to succeed.

Needless-to-say, it is important for you to have a reliable and stable payment system that is backed up by a team of payment gateway experts.

Can I get better rates offshore? Yes. Getting a merchant account for the adult entertainment industry may be difficult in your country due to its potential controversial nature.

It is a good thing that High Risk Solutions works with offshore banks where adult entertainment is welcomed.

Because of this, offshore banks tend to have higher approval rates for adult-related industry businesses.

Will HRS work with non-controversial adult businesses? Yes. Not all parts of an adult-industry business fall under the controversy of taboo. There are online dating sites and relationship coaches.

High Risk Solutions can help your business find domestic banking partners to deal with normal office functions, like paying employees and paying for your Internet provider.

Because of this, businesses that work with High Risk Solutions find out that they have more options for managing finances.

Here are some other adult-type businesses that are not quite so taboo:

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