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If you sell nutraceutical products online, you know that it can be challeging getting approved for a high risk merchant account.  With High Risk Solutions not only do we have a home for your business, but we also can support businesses that offer trial based supplements with their products.  We know how important offering trial offers can be to specific niche nutraceutical businesses.  We want to be able to make sure that you we can provide this service to you without any disruption.

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Vendors who primarily sell online nutraceuticals need to accept credit cards for their products . Processing online credit card payments is the biggest hurdle to success. Finding a willing acquiring bank is slightly more challeging then getting a traditional merchant account.

This nutraceutical industry are synonomous for being an industry where their is a heavy amount of chargebacks.  Each Business we approve will be provided with the details that you will need to manage your incoming chargebacks.  If your chargeback rate gets too high, then you are at risk of losing your merchant account.  An Even worse consequence, without a high risk merchant account your business will suffer.

This is why High Risk Solutions (HRS) helps merchants like you. We partner with multiple acquiring banks. These institutions have better trading policies.  Our banks are tooled and ready to deliver the nutraceutical merchant account services you need.

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High Risk Solutions designs customized merchant account solutions for this industry niche.  Let your experts show you how to obatin a high risk Nutraceutical merchant acount, lower the number of possible chargebacks you will incur, and also prevent unnecessary fraud.  Get a free, instant feedback by inquiring directly through our website.  One of our account experts will get in touch with you as soon as possible.  If you not entirely sure what a nutraceutical is we encourage you to visit Wikipedia to get the exact definition.

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Do you work with Visa and MasterCard?  Yes. Nutraceutical businesses that work with High Risk Solutions can easily accept online credit card payments from customers using Visa and MasterCard.

Do I get a terminal?  Yes. Merchants with a strong credit card history who meet certain criteria can also take advantage of a virtual terminal service.

Can I use this terminal over the phone?  Yes. This lets you accept credit card payments through mail orders and over the phone.

Is your application process fast? Yes. We ask a few simple starter questions.

The banks’ underwriters exercise full due diligence. They verify the legitimacy of your business as part of this process.

​Do you give personal assistance? Yes. High Risk Solutions helps you get through the process.

Where do I start? You can start the application process now. Or you can visit our tips page.

Dealing with chargebacks in a productive, profitable manner is important. Running a legitimate nutraceutical business is tricky. It not as hard when you work with HRS.

Do you provide prevention tips? Yes. We provide chargeback prevention information for you.

Would you help me fight a chargeback? Yes. When you do have a chargeback transaction, we’ll be there to help you dispute and hopefully reverse it.   We’ll explain the entire procedure. You can come out on top in the dispute.  We can help you minimize the number of chargebacks you see in the future.

Do you really have banking partners? Yes. High Risk Solutions can refer you to several different banks.  In our experience, this is the most satisfactory credit card processing solution for many nutraceutical merchants.

High risk merchant accounts let you handle transactions in many different currencies.   You will be able to also accept international credit cards online.   Therefore, learn more about our programs by applying now.

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