EPC Contractor – Getting into the Flow


When creating a new industrial building, there are three things that matter: engineering, procurement and construction (EPC). Getting all of the things necessary in order to be delivered on time takes a skilled EPC contractor.

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes time to build. Between working with the government to get the necessary permits/training and human resources for the skilled staff, the logistics require a smooth delivery.

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Freelance Interior Designer – Working over the Internet Tips


Being a freelance interior designer can be rough some days. The highest number of projects that come across my desk is redesigning of offices using a 2D map and 3D rendering. The customers send me measurements of their room along with pictures.

I did not mean to get into business consulting and design. I initially went to school because I wanted to learn how to make cartoons online. I found myself obsessed with the various ways to organize my own office. I realized that with my drawing skills, I could help other people. Continue reading

Digital Marketing Specialist – What I Can Share


Being a digital marketing specialist is a profession that keeps you motivated and challenged. You are given a product that you need to convince people online to buy.

Consumers may not be able to see, touch, taste, smell or otherwise experience the product. Typically, buyers only have the description to go by. Through the words of your sales copy plus reviews of the product, the customer decides what to buy.

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Online Store Manager – Tricks I Picked Up


Being an online manager for an electronics store can get a little crazy. The thing about electronics is that they do not work as planned 25% of the time. This means that there are a lot of returns in this business. Managing the logistics of electronics supply and demand is a full time job.

When you have the right tools, this position feels more like a game. People wonder why I love my job so much. It is just like playing an online game – except the money is real and not just tokens. I do not need to earn badges in games when I can see progress in real life.

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E-Marketing Manager – What I Needed To Know


Being an e-marketing manager is an exciting profession. There are lots of clients who want to make more money from their customers. The traditional ads seen on television or magazines as well as heard on the radio are not converting clients like they used to.

Being that mobile devices are used in greater frequency, e-marketing is at the right time. It is important not to forget direct mail response, too. Here are my tips and direct marketing ideas for you to consider.

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Online Subscription Billing Analyst – What Could Be Better

Online stores, drop shipping, coupon codes and subscription services are on the rise. You need a subscription billing analyst. A subscription billing analyst does more than give advice on billing rates. There is an entire chain of events that occurs that gets the product or service to the client in a hassle-free fashion.

There are some companies that are even “six sigma” orientated. This means that the strive for less than one defect per 100. This is a very high standard to achieve. Six sigma rules are worthwhile for long-term customer support and making a profit.

Online subscription services fall under the scope of high risk industry types.

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Can High Risk Solutions Help with a Dating Merchant Account?


High Risk Solutions is a company that specializes in high-risk credit card processing. A dating merchant account and other adult entertainment entities count the same as other high-risk business types.

In order to take credit card payments from customers for your adult services, you need to fill out a merchant application.

Adult entertainment businesses have a difficult time getting traditional merchant accounts most of all. The reason is that adult entertainment entities are among the first high-risk industries to receive a lot of credit card fraud. This resulted in a lot of chargebacks that the banks were not happy about consequently.

The result is that a new industry started that specialized in underwriting credit card processing services. High Risk Solutions has been operating since 1995 and helps adult-related businesses get payment gateway access.

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Adult Movie Describer: What I Didn’t Know


Being an adult movie describer is really a full-time job. Because of the competition for people who pay for adult merchandise, there is a huge need for people to provide the descriptions for each video on a website. Every video must be watched, put into categories and have a catchy, marketing title and description.

When I was hired for my first adult movie describer position, I was excited about the aspect of getting to watch movies and writing about them. What I learned really changed my perspective about the nature of the job.

Because I realized that I could make more money doing descriptions efficiently freelance, I started my own business.

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Escort Allied Massage Advertising: What I Have Learned


I run a business where I do marketing for escorts via massage advertising. Imagine a video where the escort is getting the massage rather than giving one; it is a twist on what is typically produced.

This means that I can make soft porn movies for escorts that they can use for their advertising. This is a service that is requested by both the escorts and their customers who purchase their services.

Trying to put this idea into a business plan in order to obtain start-up capital was a bit difficult (even with the demand for it). This industry really could use more adult promotion professionals. So, I am letting you know what I have learned in order to help you be more successful at doing this in your city.

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Women Seeking Men Psychic Matchmaker Service: What I’ve Learned


Being a psychic matchmaker for women seeking men turned into a full-time job very quickly. There are so many women looking to find their soul mate. The traditional methods for dating were not working for them.

Because so many women wanted this service, I decided to make it into an official business.

The dating industry is huge. Being that people are wanting to marry for love rather than for status, the rules of the dating game have changed so much. What people want now are partners that can fulfill them in every way. This makes professional matchmaking a real service.

Shows like “The Millionaire Matchmaker” are becoming increasing popular, too. If you are good at matching up people, consider making your talents into a business that takes the anxiety out of online dating.

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