The Complete Guide to Credit Card Merchant Fees

credit card merchant fees

In 2016, there were nearly 180 million credit card holders in the U.S. alone. With so many credit cards in use, any company that doesn’t accept them as a form of payment is missing out on potential clients. If you’re thinking about signing up to a credit card merchant service, you may be worried about […]

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The Merchant’s Guide to Credit Card Regulations

credit card regulations

Cash only businesses lose an estimated $100 billion in sales to businesses who accept credit card payment. If you’re opening a new shop or transitioning to accepting credit cards, you’re making a smart choice. However, if you don’t understand the complexity of credit card regulations, you could violate the law or the trust of your […]

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What Are Merchant Services and Why Do You Need Them?

what are merchant services

As it turns out, cash isn’t always king. 97% of consumers are increasingly using credit and debit cards to pay for their purchases, according to The Balance. In addition, there are several advantages to providing a variety of payment options. Businesses that don’t allow customers to pay with plastic are likely missing out on valuable […]

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  • September 6, 2018
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10 Tips for Preventing eCommerce Fraud

ecommerce fraud

Fraud affects businesses of all sizes in all industries. And hackers are targeting eCommerce industries. The eCommerce industry is worth trillions. And since eCommerce security isn’t as advanced as other security types, hackers see this as an easy and profitable target. About sixty percent of eCommerce business owners report fraud attacks, and the number is […]

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eCheck and ACH Processing for High Risk Business Types

eCheck Processing

High Risk eCheck/ACH vs Credit Cards Do you sell products and/or services that fall under a high-risk category? If so, you’re probably debating whether you should apply for a credit card processing solution, an eCheck or ACH processing service, or both. You’ve also probably discovered that getting approved to accept credit cards can be quite […]

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