High Risk Payment Processors Shopify

High Risk Payment Processors For Shopify Getting a high-risk payment processor for Shopify should not be a tough task. Shopify is used by so many different business types and most people do not fall into a high-risk category. A lot of merchants are shocked when they find out the business type that they are selling […]

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SQUARE HIGH RISK ACCOUNT Square Inc. or squareup.com is a traditional merchant account payment service provider. Their relationships with sponsoring banks does not allow them to process payments for certain business types. If square is not able to approve your business type, then they notify you as being a square high risk account.  A square […]

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Woocommerce High Risk Payment Gateway

Woocommerce High Risk Payment Gateway Applying for a woocommerce high risk payment gateway should not be a difficult process. As you might already know, wooCommerce is an open-source plug-in for e-commerce designed for small to large-sized merchants using WordPress for selling products and services. Launched on the 23rd of September 2011, it quickly became popular […]

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Best Payment Gateway For High Risk Business Getting the Best payment gateway for high risk business types can be challenging for a business to find.  Businesses such as debt collection, CBD, credit repair, travel agents, nutraceuticals and others do have options when it comes to choosing a high risk payment gateway. A high risk business […]

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7 Digital Payment Options Perfect for a Small Business

payment options

Nearly 70% of U.S. consumers have chosen credit cards as a payment method in the past six months.  Your customers want to be able to choose for themselves how they pay for your products and services.  You cannot use the excuse that you’re only a small business. You could be losing business already because you […]

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How to Avoid Business Credit Card Fraud at Your Company

business credit card fraud

Experts project credit card fraud losses rising to about $10 billion by 2020. As a business owner, how can you protect your customers from this type of fraud? You may think that only accepting credit cards offline is the best approach. Yet, this practice doesn’t guarantee fraud prevention. Don’t know how to prevent credit card fraud? […]

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6 of the Cheapest Credit Card Processing Options for Small Businesses

cheapest credit card processing

There are over four million credit card accounts in the United States alone. However, if your business doesn’t have a way to process this type of payment, this will translate into lost money and customers. Finding the cheapest credit card processing services is the best way to bring in these customers without spending more on the transactions than you’re earning. We’ve gathered six of the […]

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