Cannabis THC Merchant Account Services

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CBD Credit Card Processing Accounts For Cannabis Businesses

Medical marijuana and recreational dispensaries are in a fast growing sector. These businesses need THC merchant services. Accept credit cards. Some stores sell accessories online and need credit card options.

​Sell online easily. Make profit.

Cost-Effective Processing Solutions For High Risk Businesses

Is marijuana acceptance growing? Yes. Marijuana has been legalized in 24 different US states and the District of Columbia. Temporarily. This means it may not stick.

Are other states wanting to make it legal? Yes. Businesses are wasting no time. They are planning stores. Head shops make unique items. Legal marijuana sales for medicinal and recreational make profit.

​Food. Clothes. Juice mixes. Storage. There are so many products to sell.

Will traditional banks still turn you down? Yes. The legal prospects of this new industry are still shaky. It is considered extremely high risk by conventional banks.

Banks are just scared.​

Can I get treated fairly? Yes. High Risk Solutions (HRS) treats businesses well. We provide accounts to accept cards.

It is only fair.

You need to accept credit cards. Online. At any time. From any where.​

Premium Marijuana Merchant Services From High Risk Solutions

Do you know this niche? Yes. Since 1995, HRS has been working with merchants. We have many bank partners. We know the common issues.

Do you provide the tools? Yes. We offer everything you need. Ready-made payment gateways. Full merchant accounts. SSL certification. Offshore incorporation assistance.

Will your gateway work with a site shopping cart? Yes. Our system works with popular shopping carts. We provide a unique selection of payment modules.

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Do I get full credit card processing? Yes. Thanks to our business arrangements with multiple offshore banks, we’re able to benefit you. Our clients in the medical marijuana seed industry receive full credit card processing capabilities.

Partnering with an offshore bank gives you many benefits. Freedom from volume limits means and advantageous tax situations are key to survival.

HRS specializes in accommodating the needs of high-risk ventures of every sort. Our banking partners are also comfortable serving this niche.

Here are other high-risk industries we work with:

Do you prevent chargebacks? Yes. We teach you what to avoid. You get tools. We also help you fight reversals.

We tell you about fraudulent transactions as they occur. HRS helps you reduce the amount of fraud and chargebacks you get.

Learn the most common fraud warning signs, improve your standard operating procedures and drive down your chargeback ratio. Learn more here!

When our clients do run into chargebacks, we consider it our duty to assist you in disputing the transaction errors. Our payment gateway is PCI complaint. We can do exchanges for 160 currencies.

Our risk management division will contact you immediately and help guide you through the reversal process.

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