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MOTO Credit Card Processing Services for Telemarketing Agencies

Telemarketing is less outbound and more inbound with online merchants and help desks.​

Virtual Terminal and Merchant Account Solutions

As a telemarketing merchant, you are surely familiar with the struggle of getting a customer to send you a check.

After this miracle has been performed, you still have to hope the check makes it through the mail and doesn’t bounce when you try and cash it with your business bank account. Why should your business credit score and reputation get damaged in the process?

You will surely agree that all this could be greatly simplified if you were able to conduct credit card transactions over the phone or via an online account.

This is where the services of a telemarketing merchant account will be most advantageous in securing that virtual terminal —and here is where High Risk Solutions can assist you.

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Telemarketing merchants who work with a telemarketing merchant account featuring a virtual terminal will be able to conduct credit card transaction online as well as over the phone.

To qualify for your virtual terminal, it will be necessary to supply your merchant account manager with a formidable credit card history and a comprehensive merchant account package.

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