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Collection Agency Merchant Account

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Collection Agency Merchant Account Solutions

Many acquiring banks consider debt collection agencies as a high-risk business type.  Many countries require debt collection companies to obtain appropriate credentials.  The United States is included. You need a business license, bond or both.  Federal and state laws regulate collection agencies, however High Risk Solutions (HRS) specializes in working with high-risk merchants.  If you run a legal debt collection business type, then we will able provide you with the solutions to process credit cards for debt payments.

Collection Agency Merchant Account Fees And Anwsers To Frequently Asked Questions

Does High Risk Solutions offer low rates?  Yes, High Risk Solutions has competitive and affordable fees. However, rates on  a Collection Agency Merchant Account is done on a case-by-case basis.  When we match your business with an acquiring bank, the bank will consider many aspects.

What Are The Rates And Fees For a Debt Collection Agency Merchant Account

Our rates are very competitve and can even be compared to a low risk business type.  Depending on how much your company will process on a monthly basis will be a contributing factor on how low your rates can be.   It is not out of the ordinary to have rates as low as 2% for debt collection businesses.

Debt Collection Merchant Account Payouts

High Risk Solutions delivers reliable and timely payouts.   Credit card transactions can even be paid out as quickly as the next business day.    The Fees per credit card sale can be deducted from each sale or be paid out at the end of each month in one lump fee.

Payment Gateway For Debt Collection Merchant Account

High Risk Solutions payment gateway supports more than 160 currencies. US and Canadian Dollars, Great Britain Pounds,Euros are just a few that you will be able to accept. Flexibility allows you to accept payments in your clients’ local currency.  Our PCI DSS payment gateway also supports large ticket transactions. Real-time credit card processing enables businesses to get instant notification of either approval or denial.

Will My Debt Collection Agency Have The Option To Process Credit Card Payments Through A Virtual Terminal

Yes, you will be able to process credit card sales through your website, through a secure online virtual terminal, and have the capability to send an electronic invoice with a link for them to pay.

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Does High Risk Solutions Offer an Optional Surcharge Program To Offset My Merchant Account Fees?

We offer a fully compliant convienence fee program. Most convenience fee solutions can save you money, but they’re not fully compliant with the major card brands. Our compliant convenience fee solution in the collection industry adheres to all State laws, and all Card rules.

Features Of Our Convienience Fee Solutions:

• Full compliance eliminates worry about lawsuits, or potential fines
• Provides meaningful reductions to your high risk merchant account fees
• Support for Credit Card, Debit Card and ACH Processing
• Options to integrate into Web Applications, Desktop Applications, Mobile, and IVR!

How We Stay Compliant With All Card Brand Rules.

Our software has encoded specific language to determine whether a convenience fee can be applied based on the residence State of the Card Holder. This is what ensures State compliance.  Each Payment will include the principal amount and a fixed amount for the convenience fee, to the card holder’s account, ensuring Card compliance.

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