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Credit Card Processing for Consulting Businesses and Merchant Services

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Get Access To Merchant Accounts For Business Consulting Firms

Professional coaching is a new industry online. It is already proving to be popular. Credit card processing for consulting is what we do specifically.

Do consultants deserve merchant accounts? Yes! Consultants help others improve their performance in any area.  While traditional banks will pass on working with consultants, High Risk Solutions knows your value.

Now, discover that accepting payments online is convenient. A better way to do business online.

Get set up to accept credit card payments via High Risk Solutions.

The Ideal Partner for Credit Card Processing for Consulting

Regardless of your expertise, clients expect results. High Risk Solutions is definitely emphasizes with you.

Is High Risk Solutions a stable company? Yes. HRS knows you are looking for a partner that will help your business grow. Business consultants who accept credit cards online win, of course. We have over 20 years of experience in this niche.

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If you've been turned away or declined because other credit card processors consider your businesses type as too risky, High Risk Solutions can help.

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Read More About Consulting Merchant Services

Click on the links to expand each section and read more about the consulting merchant services included with the consulting merchant accounts offered by High Risk Solutions.

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Is the process easy? Yes. Fill out the application. Our underwriters can approve your business. Then, your website is linked to our payment gateway.

Get credit card processing for consulting started today.​

Examine these key benefits, as well:

  • Merchant Panel: Merchant panels contain your full transaction history. Sort and filter important statistics.
  • Fraud Prevention: Safeguard your online business from fraud. Use SSL certificates, fraud protection and secure technology. Use customer blocks, too. Get full access to the AVS database. See customers with known fraud histories, as well.
  • Shopping Cart Support: Payment gateway works with different shopping cart systems, also. Get popular carts. For example: XCart, Magento and OSCommerce.
  • ​Worldwide Currency: Use over 160 currencies. Accept payments and handle transactions in any currency. Now, this includes: Euros, US Dollars and Chinese Yuan. Get credit card processing for consulting now.
  • Free Virtual Terminal: Use our online virtual services to accept credit card payments. Via phone, simply by keying in the data.

Does HRS have quality customer service? Yes. High Risk Solutions helps you with the next step. We are your personal assistant.

Can I contact HRS? Yes. Submit questions, comments and requests to HRS. Use email, phone and our online form. All are answered promptly.

Be fully satisfied with our services. We’ll work hard to resolve any challenges.

Get access now.​ Fill out the application.

Is HRS growing? Yes. Over the past few years, High Risk Solutions has increased our banking partners.

Get more partnership options than ever before.

Now, there are significantly more choices for access.

Our banking resources allow us to find you expert assistance. For example, improving your business credit score.

Can you help get my business registered?  Yes. Get it done now with High Risk Solutions!

Here are high-risk industries HRS assists, too:

Do you help with customer reversals? Yes. Chargebacks are especially nasty. No matter the steps taken, chargebacks happen. Even for the most cautious.

High Risk Solutions lower chargebacks and fraud. By assisting you, HRS gives you the power to fight back.

HRS provides chargeback info specifically. From the experience of customers and merchants.

Also, credit card processing for consulting firms is done through a PCI compliant payment gateway.​

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