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Credit Card Processing for Firearms and Merchant Account Services

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Firearms Credit Card Processing: Solutions For Your Merchant Account Needs

Credit card processing for firearms can be elusive. In the current environment, businesses selling gun parts and firearms is seen as risky.

Sometimes, merchants have a difficult time getting the payment processing solution that they really need.

Do tradition banks decline firearm merchants often? Yes. Numerous banks are frequently put off by words such as “firearms” and “guns”. They are afraid of potential legislation being used against them. Munitions companies are shut down frequently.

If I just make rifle butts, will I be declined by traditional banks? Yes. The whole firearm industry is seen as high-risk. Even if you have nothing to do with munitions.

However, we offer firearms merchant accounts. They are customizable. Possibly the right solution for you.

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Is HRS reputable? Yes. Merchant service experts on our staff have extensive experience that is unparalleled within the payment processing field. Over 20 years.

They can help you get set up with whatever you need. For more information regarding our merchant services, contact us today.

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If you've been turned away or declined because other credit card processors consider your businesses type as too risky, High Risk Solutions can help.

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More Information On Our Gun Parts Merchant Accounts

Click on the links to expand each section and read more about the firearms merchant services included with the firearms merchant accounts offered by High Risk Solutions.

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Can I accept credit cards at my shop and at gun shows? Yes. We here at High Risk Solutions offer solutions for online and in-store retailers. So, we can offer you a high-quality firearm friendly merchant account.

Accept credit card payments from all of the major companies like MasterCard and Visa. Sell your products 24/7.

Here at High Risk Solutions developed an extensive list of acquiring banking partners.

Due to our connections, we are able to offer solutions that are completely customizable. As a qualifying merchant, you get the ideal merchant account for your business.

Receive great service as a gun parts merchant. Take the offer. Get the same excellent credit card processing abilities of your competitors, as well.

Do you work with other industries? Yes.​

Here are some other merchants that need customized solutions:

Can I take international payments? Yes. High Risk Solutions offers unique merchant accounts. Accept credit cards with ease. Have customers offshore or inside the United States. We work with 160 currencies.

High Risk Solution works with domestic and international acquiring banks. HRS gets your firearms merchants accounts, if you qualify.

To find out if you qualify, contact High Risk Solutions and speak with a merchant account manager of ours. You can submit our contact form or call us at 1-888-548-5649.

Do I get protection from stolen cards? Yes. To help preserve the integrity of your firearm merchant service, High Risk Solutions has chargeback prevention tips. Another name for chargebacks is reversals.

Learn how to spot a fraudulent transaction. Learning how to write accurate billing descriptions. We can assist you with keeping your chargeback ratio low.

In addition, High Risk Solutions has a Risk Management Department. This department assists you with  disputing and reversing any chargebacks that happen.

High Risk Solutions really cares about your business success.

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