Being a digital marketing specialist is a profession that keeps you motivated and challenged. You are given a product that you need to convince people online to buy.

Consumers may not be able to see, touch, taste, smell or otherwise experience the product. Typically, buyers only have the description to go by. Through the words of your sales copy plus reviews of the product, the customer decides what to buy.

The other hurdle with being a digital marketer is that your presentation must look good on every device. Some of the browsers are particular about the exact colors you use.

If the colors are not quite right, you fix the product’s reputation with words. That is why accurate product descriptions are extremely important.

Since my preferred niche is wound care technology, there are a lot of new products developed every day. I match products to customers that are recovering from some sort of injury. As I see it, the most money is being put into sports medicine right now.


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Answer Questions Pubicly

I worked with a biotech product manager. People called his direct line to ask questions about his products. Most of the time, the questions were very similar. This manager wasted a lot of productive time answering repetitive questions.

That changed after just one consulting session.

Going forward, every time a customer called to ask about a product, he would answer the question for the customer first and then repeat the question and answer on his blog. (Every business should have a blog for answering questions.)

The FAQ blog did a few things that helped his business out in the long-term:

  • Customers could see their question being answered without needing to take the time to call in.
  • The authority of his website increased as more customers shared his blog posts.
  • He found that customers asked him more engaging questions.
  • He was able to connect with other businesses that were outside of his industry.

For example, one of the products is for patients that have been severely burned. His hydro gel compound contains silver in it which was perfect for healing the skin. One day, he got a call asking if his product could be used over tattoos.

The question intrigued him. This allowed for him to ask tattoo artists to test his product on freshly made tattoos. To his surprise, the customers really liked using his product over the typical diaper rash ointment recommended for tattoo after care.

He built a case study and sell more of his water-based gel product to a wider market. All of this because he managed his time better by simply answering questions on his blog. With his free time, he could take more advanced questions via the phone.

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Overcome Negativity as a Digital Marketing Specialist

There are 3 facts that are typical to most people I interact with:

  • They do not like spam, pop up advertisements nor interruption marketing.
  • People are afraid of getting taken advantage of.
  • The mechanics of the Internet is still a black box mystery to most.

Because of those three things, people will instinctively get upset when I tell them what I do. I understand this.

Whenever people ask me about my work, I tell them inspiring stories about the real people helped by my services. This gives people a connection to my position. With this method, I am as not seen as part of the problem and instead part of the solution.

For example, my sports-minded marketing allowed for me to connect a double leg amputee who was devastated about the loss of his sports career to a biotech company that specializes in spring-mounted metal limbs (referred to as “cheetah blades”).

He is able to play sports again because I let him know about this biotech company’s innovative limb replacement line.


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Clients Pay for Marketing with Merchant Credit Cards

Most companies will make a budget for marketing. After deciding on a plan and finding the right marketing company to go with, business clients typically use their merchant account credit card.

A huge pitfall for advertising companies that it is difficult to get a merchant account for marketing services. Marketing services are usually paid in advance and there is no product the can be returned for a refund.

Marketing businesses that go out of business have caused the traditional banks headaches and lost revenue. Now, marketing companies need a 3rd party vendor to underwrite the transactions.

High Risk Solutions (HRS) provides merchant account marketing services for companies. Since 1995, HRS has survived a lot of the financial turmoil over the past twenty years by providing excellent customer service to their clients. The merchant services marketing specialists deserve.

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