E-Cigarette Merchant Account and Credit Card Processing Easy Approval

Obtain an E-Cigarette / Vape Merchant Account and Begin Processing Credit Card Purchases Online

High Risk Solutions (HRS) provides merchant accounts for sellers of e-cigarettes that are highly customizable. An e-cigarette merchant account is available for you.

Is the timing good for starting? Yes. It's the right time to start an e-cigarette business. Get more sales online. The industry is generating billions of dollars each year. You need a slice of that pie.

However, there are things to consider before you begin.

Can you help find a solution? Yes. Selling e-cigarettes falls into a high-risk category. Banks will pass on a merchant account without our help.

Most times, e-cigarette credit card processing can be almost impossible to find.

Do you have an e-cigarette payment gateway? Yes.

Are you wanting to help us? Yes. Your business can succeed. Get a merchant account from High Risk Solutions. The right types of services can assist you. For payment processing, your e-cigarette business needs reliability.

Find Out More About the Vape / E-Cigarette Merchant Account Services We Provide. Click on Each Section.

What Merchants Need To Know: The FDA's New Rules For E-Cigarettes

Reasons Why The E-Cigarette Industry Falls Into High Risk Transaction Category

Do You Have An E-Cigarette Retail Location?

Our Experts are Ready to Help

High Risk Solutions has been providing professional merchant services to high-risk industries since 1995. Apply today and start processing credit cards. Our experts are here to help your business succeed!

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