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High Risk Solutions (HRS) provides merchant accounts for sellers of e-cigarettes that are highly customizable. An e-cigarette merchant account is available for you.

Is the timing good for starting? Yes. It’s the right time to start an e-cigarette business. Get more sales online. The industry is generating billions of dollars each year. You need a slice of that pie.

However, there are things to consider before you begin.

Can you help find a solution? Yes. Selling e-cigarettes falls into a high-risk category. Banks will pass on a merchant account without our help.

Most times, e-cigarette credit card processing can be almost impossible to find.

Do you have an e-cigarette payment gateway? Yes.

Are you wanting to help us? Yes. Your business can succeed. Get a merchant account from High Risk Solutions. The right types of services can assist you. For payment processing, your e-cigarette business needs reliability.

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If you've been turned away or declined because other credit card processors consider your businesses type as too risky, High Risk Solutions can help.

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Are there new rules? Yes. The new regulations issued by the FDA are here. They passed in May of 2016. The rules took effect on August 4, 2016. Products sold by merchants of e-cigarettes are affected.

Do you know what these rules prohibit? Yes. These rules issued by the FDA prohibit free samples, require inspections and information on the e-cigarette products including how they are manufactured, and set age limits for purchase.

​High Risk Solutions will provide a merchant account for e-cigs, regardless.

Will you help with fraud? Yes.

Will you help with fighting chargebacks? Yes.

Will you ​work with many currencies? Yes. 160 of them.

Is your gateway safe and reliable? Yes. We follow PCI guidelines.​

Vaping is popular. There has been a great deal of discussion about the safety of vaping.

Is vaping safer than tobacco-based cigarettesYes. Public Health England completed a study. They determined the safety. When compared to traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful.

Because of social stigma, e-cigarette businesses are considered to be unstable.

When searching for an e-cigarette payment gateway or merchant services, this is frustrating. High-risk merchants always find it difficult to find a provider.

Fortunately, there is hope. With a High Risk Solutions vape merchant account, credit cards are accepted online. Accept Discover, American Express, MasterCard and Visa.

High Risk Solutions is able to provide business solutions that are customizable. We partner with many different offshore, international, and domestic banks.

Is your process fast? Yes. Typically, 3 to 5 business days.

Will you alert me about changes? Yes.​

Other high-risk industries:

Can I have a half-online business? Yes. We offer many types of merchant accounts.

Merchants who have vape stores that are brick-and-mortar are helped, too. We can also solve vape credit card processing needs with one of our solutions.

Do you provide shopping carts? Yes. We have cards and terminals. These High Risk Solutions retail merchant accounts help you access the most up-to-date pay terminals. POS systems, too. You need to conduct business in your store.

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