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Looking For The Best High Risk Merchant Account?

High risk merchant accounts is the obvious neccessity of when it comes to accepting credit cards.  Without a merchant account you will lack the capability of payment processing services.   High Risk Solutions is the low-cost high risk merchant services provider you need in order to be able accept payments from your customers.

In many cases, you will find it difficult to get a merchant account if your business is deemed high-risk. If someone does approve your business, you will typically be charged higher rates and fees as compared to other customers. Keep in mind that there is also a category of merchant account providers that caters to high risk merchant account, but some of these exist only to rip off businesses with outrageously high rates and contract terms.

It is important to keep in mind that merchant processor also carries a financial risk and they use internal methodology to determine the processing rates and other terms of the contract for each client that wants to sign up. Any business can be classified as a high risk one for various reasons. However, the consequences are typically significant for business owners when their business is classified as a high risk one.

If you are a small business, you can try and use some popular payment service providers such as Square or PayPal but you will need a high risk merchant account when you have a business type that is deemed high risk. High risk merchant processors or credit card processors do not treat all businesses equally. Just like in other businesses, a high risk merchant account can typically get better or  more favorable terms if their processing high volume.

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How High Risk Solutions Can Help You:

We offer solutions for virtually anyone and serve business such as: Adult Themed Clubs, Online Smoke Shops, Online Adult novelty stores, E-Cigarettes Online, Online Vapor Stores, Restaurants, Bars, Dating and Escort Services, Credit Repair, Collection Agencies, US-based IT Tech Support, Firearms Distribution, Online Hookah Shops, Debt Collection, Online Pharmacies, Nutraceuticals and more.

Furthermore, when you set up your high risk merchant account service with High Risk Solutions – you will have access to features such as online management of account, shopping cart links, site enablement, virtual terminal and more. Not only are you able to take advantage of our sophisticated high risk credit card processing services, to purchase this internet-based high risk credit card merchant accounts will only cost you a modest and affordable fee.

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High Risk Solutions Provides High Risk Merchant Accounts for the Following Industries:

High Risk Solutions Offers the Most Affordable Rates for Merchants Including:

  • Retail Establishments (in person credit card swipe)
  • Internet/Website Payments Credit Card Processing
  • Wireless Terminals Iphone/Ipad/Android virtual solutions
  • Seasonal & Craft Vendors, Flea Markets, Temporary Merchants
  • Lawyers/Attorney Offices, Doctors, Clinics, Physicians
  • Hotels, Motels and Lodging
  • Professionals, Contractors, New Businesses
  • Mail And Telephone (MOTO) based business
  • Free Terminals, Rate Comparison
  • Small Business / New Companies
  • Restaurants, Bars, Mobile Food Eateries
  • Recurring & Monthly Billing Subscriptions

Take Advantage of Our Advanced Online Merchants Accounts Services Such As:

  • Full Featured Payment Gateway Processing
  • Tools: Batch Uploads, Transaction Reporting
  • Electronic Check Processing (ACH): Sale, Void, Refund
  • 100% Compatible with ALL Shopping Cart/Ecommerce Services
  • Recurring Billing: Add & Manage Subscriptions
  • Customer Processing: List, Invoicing, Manage Customers

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Let High Risk Solutions provide your business with the best merchant account services at the guaranteed lowest price!

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High Risk Merchant Account Criteria

Many business owners are surprised when they apply for a merchant account and their application is denied as their business is classified as high risk. The thing with high risk merchant accounts is that there is absolutely no middle ground. Also, the definition of high risk is also not uniform across the industry. While a certain business might be classified as a high risk by a provider, the same business might not be classified as high risk by another merchant services provider. Everyone has their own set of guidelines to determine whether a particular business falls into a high-risk category.

Some of the providers use relaxed criteria when determining the eligibility of a business to have a merchant account with them but others have extremely strict guidelines. An important thing you need to understand is that labeling of a business as high risk by merchant service providers has nothing to do with your business being a high-risk for customers or you. It simply means that there is higher probability of charge backs, frauds and other such issues happening with businesses belonging to the high risk category.

It doesn’t matter if your business is listed above or not, we have high risk merchant accounts and solutions for any type of industry, even with a history of bad credit. The application process is easy and completely free. Don’t allow your business to continue to lose out on money. Contact us and take advantage of our online merchant account solutions today.

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Let High Risk Solutions provide your business with the best merchant account services at the guaranteed lowest price!

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Choosing a High Risk Merchant Account Provider

If your business has the likelihood of being designated as high-risk by merchant account providers, it does not mean that you should not shop around and sign up with the first merchant account provider that accepts your application. As mentioned in the beginning, there are many predatory businesses that specialize in dealing with only high-risk businesses, but they offer onerous terms and conditions. You should stay away from such merchant providers as these providers don’t look at you as a partner. They just want to fleece as much money as possible out of their customers, which means you, through various means.

Here is a list of some of the important parameters you should carefully consider in order to make the right choice when it comes to opening a high-risk merchant account.

Track Record

First and foremost, you should carefully look at the track record of a company or processor when it comes to success in getting the account approval for businesses deemed to be high-risk. There are a few merchant account providers that have a success rate of more than 90% when it comes to a new merchant account for High-Risk businesses. Needless to say, you have much higher chances of approval when you apply to these providers instead of signing up with a processing company that simply does not want any businesses deemed high-risk.

Transparency In High Merchant Account Fees

As mentioned above, there are merchant account providers that specifically target businesses deemed high-risk with excessive fees and charges. Usually, their pricing isn’t transparent and most of their fees are hidden in the fine print in their contract. This is the reason, it is recommended for business owners to carefully read the contract many times and make sure they understand everything before signing it. Never sign up with a company that is not honest and upfront about the fees you have to pay.

Processing Fees Passed Back

There is a growing popular program in many other countries wherein the processing fees for credit and debit cards and other such plastic money are passed on to the end consumer. In simple terms, it makes consumers aware of the costs associated with their choice of method of payment and this trend is also growing in popularity in the US. This is an excellent solution for merchants who are dealing with the climbing costs of accepting credit cards. While you might find it difficult to find a high risk merchant account that offers this feature, but you need to be aware of the existence of this option.


In addition to the above mentioned things, it’s also important to check the reputation of the company to make sure that you are dealing with someone who has been in this business for many years and who has an excellent reputation in the industry and among their customers.

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Let High Risk Solutions provide your business with the best merchant account services at the guaranteed lowest price!

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4 Tips On Chossing the Best Merchant Account And At The Best Cost

Because of the great need for high risk merchant services in the online community, there has also sprung up a rash of very unpleasant and dishonest companies posing as legitimate service providers but only lying in wait to make a dishonest buck. Unfortunately, this is actually a lucrative practice and there are many free-loaders in the market just waiting to take advantage of a helpless merchant.

1. Check the Webpage

Take time to get a good look at their webpage. Does this seem like the work of a legit business or is this a low-quality sham made to attract businesses? If you feel that the website is off-putting or not well maintained, you don’t want to know what other corners they’ve cut.

2. Check the Data

Taking the time to check the business plan from every angle is essential, so much so that it wouldn’t hurt to do it twice. The primary trick of these nefarious merchant services is to push you into a fast decision before you can realize they’re on the make. Take the time to look at your service provider’s record of service and business plan from every angle.

3. Read the Contract

After you have researched your service provider well and feel comfortable enough to look over their contract, don’t leave one sentence unexamined. Be sure they have dotted all their “i’s” and crossed all their “t’s”. The contract I a good place to differentiate the honest providers from the dishonest crooks.

4. Removing Or Lowering The Rolling Reserve

A rolling reserve is created as a protection by the merchant account provider to save them from exposure if their clients just cease to exist or has a higher than normal chargeback rate even for a high-risk business. Simply put, it’s an additional layer of protection for the merchant account processor but if your business history does not have regular chargebacks, you should not be asked to pay the cost of maintaining a high rolling reserve. Therefore, make sure the processor has a minimum rolling reserve in case your business does not have a history of regular chargebacks.

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To Sum Up Choosing a High Risk Merchant Account Provider

If you run a business that is likely to be deemed high-risk, it does not mean that you have lost the ability to accept credit cards or debit cards for your business. So, get in touch with High Risk Solutions today and let us help you get approved for a high risk merchant account allowing you to accept credit and debit cards for your business.

Take time to get a good look at their webpage. Does this seem like the work of a legit business or is this a low-quality sham made to attract businesses? If you feel that the website is off-putting or not well maintained, you don’t want to know what other corners they’ve cut.

So now the power is yours. Apply now, and take advantage of high risk solutions and acheive the best high risk merchant account and at the best rates available.

Does your Business Require The Best High Risk Merchant Account Provider?

We don’t believe we are gloating when we say that we provide best solution available today for a high risk merchant account.  Our reasoning is that we have the experience and the knowledge to help you business with the most important function..   Which is Cash Flow.  The last thing your company needs is a merchant account provider that doesn’t understand your business type.  They will claim that they can get you approved and you will be processing in a day.

You don’t want your merchant account closed down becuase of a technicality.  We have seen this at least 100 times.  Businesses invest in the inventory and the marketing campaign only to not realize that they trusted the wrong merchant account provider for their business.  The high risk merchant account gets closed down because of certain details that weren’t addressed from the beginning and now your at risk of not being able to process credit cards for the for seeable future.

Please Let Us Explain How To Keep You High Risk Merchant Account After Your Approved?

Not being explained properly about you need to run your operation so that you can avoid any possible issues of having your high risk merchant account interrupted for something that could have been avoided from the beginning.   We have had many merchants say the same thing, “If only I would have known before I started processing credit card through my high risk merchant account I could have avoided this mess that I am in.”

Please take the time to apply now with our company so you can hear how we work and what your business will need to get a high risk merchant account, and most importantly not have any interruptions or unnecessary closures of your most neccessary compenent to your business.  Which is processing credit cards with a high risk merchant account.

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Let High Risk Solutions provide your business with the best merchant account services at the guaranteed lowest price!

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