High Risk Payment Processors Shopify

Getting a high risk payment processor Shopify should not be a tough task. Shopify is used by so many different business types and most people do not fall into a high-risk category. A lot of merchants are shocked when they find out the business type that they are selling is considered a high risk business.

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High Risk Solutions has plenty of options for High Risk Shopify merchants that are on able to get a traditional merchant account through stripe. Certain business types, such as CBD, nutraceuticals, digital Goods, and others now have solutions to process payments for their business.

It’s unfortunate that shopify charges their merchants more money to use other companies to process credit cards. It does cost more to use a high risk merchant account so this can affect some businesses margins considerably.

What Choices Do I Have For Payment Processors For Shopify?

When it comes to high risk payment processing, you should look no further than using High Risk Solutions. They do their best to control the rates and fees for all of their merchants. They use payment gateways that are integrated with Shopify  so that it’s a seamless integration. This will give your customers ease when they are buying items from your website.

What If My Business Can’t Afford A High Risk Merchant Account With Shopify’s Extra Fees?

Shopify charges between 1% and 2% on every sale for using any other payment processor then their own. This does not even include the rates that you will pay with a high risk payment processor. There are other e-commerce web builders that don’t charge you for using a payment processor of your choice.  WooCommerce and Magento are two such companies that also offer similar tools as to what shopify offers.

What type of High Risk Businesses Are Not Able To Get Payment Processing?

High Risk Solutions has all forms of payment processing options for all legal forms of business types. 

Why Does Shopify Consider My Business High Risk?

Payment Options are available if you are in a high risk business niche.  High risk solutions is a high risk payment processors for shopify that can assist you.  Shopify is a great company, but its your choice as a business owner if you want your website to be locked in with them. 

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