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Merchant Services For The Hospitality Industry

A the need for housing increases, some merchants are capitalizing on mini hotels and bed and breakfasts. Visitor like to pay with credit cards. Also, credit cards are insurance for damaged goods. The challenge is to get hotel credit card processing.

Hospitality and Hotel Merchant Accounts From High Risk Solutions

Processing credit card payments is a virtual necessity for most operators in the hospitality industry.

Do I need credit card processing? Yes. For long-term growth. Hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts and associated businesses all cater to a clientele that expects to pay via credit card. Owners need to be prepared.

Is getting reasonable rates from a traditional bank hard? Yes. It’s sometimes surprisingly difficult for smaller companies to secure reasonable rates on hotel credit card processing services.

High Risk Solutions (HRS) is here to help.

You want to cut your hospitality business’s overhead and boost profits. Open a hotel merchant account with us can help in several ways.

Fast Access To Hotel Merchant Services

Long waiting periods are another common annoyance in the market for merchant processing services.

This won’t be an issue when you take advantage of High Risk Solutions’ fast, straightforward application process.

We may be able to set up your processing arrangements and have you accepting online payments via credit cards in than a week.

If you’re ready to get started right away, call us at 1-888-548-5649. Use our website’s contact pageto speak with a live representative instantly.

Our representatives are available in person! 8am to 6pm EST.

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If you've been turned away or declined because other credit card processors consider your businesses type as too risky, High Risk Solutions can help.

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Do you have US solutions? Yes. We work with a lot of great US-based acquiring banks to provide hotel payment processing solutions.

If you’re looking for a domestic banking partner, we’ll help you find the perfect one to fit your company’s needs.

Do you have low rates? Yes. For well-qualified merchants domestic service rates as low as 2.2 percent are possible, making it practically painless to accept credit cards both online and on the ground.

Do you have offshore banking? Yes. If you’re looking for a foreign bank, High Risk Solutions can also help.

For many merchants, offshore partnerships offer a more flexible range of options for a variety of financial issues.

Securing an offshore banking partner may entitle you to several different benefits.

These include:

  • a favorable tax situation
  • favorable caps on monthly transaction volume
  • processing services better tailored to meet the needs of high-risk industries
Do you have unique solutions? Yes. Our merchant accounts for hospitality businesses give you a flexible range of hotel payment gateway and processing capabilities that can be used for both online and storefront transactions.

Domestic merchants can start handling payments made with any of the top credit cards, such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and many more.

Do you do foreign exchange? Yes. Automated currency conversion will let you seamlessly accept payment in countless other currencies besides US Dollars, like Euros and British Pounds.

Other high-risk businesses:

Does HRS do dual processing? Yes. Hospitality businesses are rather unusually positioned because they need to place equal emphasis on processing credit card payments both online and through a physical storefront.

If your business doesn’t yet have the gateway software equipment it needs, you can rely on High Risk Solutions to provide it.

We’ll be happy to recommend and provide multiple swipe terminals that you can easily set up and use on your own.

Does your gateway work on mobile devices? Yes. We also offer credit card processing for hotels with specialized mobile features.

If your hospitality business relies on collecting payment through mobile devices (or you want it to), we can help streamline the process.

We’ll help you get the latest mobile card readers so that you can instantly accept payments, send receipts and track your business using your tablet or phone.

Many hospitality merchants find that this is a more convenient alternative to older POS hardware, especially in businesses where a mobile device is always handy.

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