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MLM Merchant Account and Payment Gateway

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Credit Card Processing for Multi Level Marketing

Did you know that you can accept credit cards easily online by using our MLM Merchant Services even if you have been declined in the past?

Find Efficient, Quick MLM Payment Processing Solutions

For over two decades, High Risk Solutions has been offering merchant accounts and credit card processing services to worldwide multilevel marketing businesses.

We offer a large, trusted network of both domestic and offshore acquiring banks so that we can help you to locate the best merchant account for whatever needs your business may have.

We offer multilevel marketing merchant accounts that allow you to accept payments via credit card both over the phone and online in a secure, efficient manner.

Direct Response And Telemarketing Merchant Accounts

High Risk Solutions offers business owners a variety of merchant services, including direct response accounts and telemarketing merchant accounts.

We also offer a free and easy process for applying, so you can start accepting payments via credit card in as little as 3 – 5 business days. Simply contact High Risk Solutions online or call 1-888-548-5649 to talk with an account manager today.

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If you've been turned away or declined because other credit card processors consider your businesses type as too risky, High Risk Solutions can help.

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Can I get a free terminal? Yes. High Risk Solutions will provide qualifying MLM merchants with access free of charge to our virtual terminal, allowing you to accept your credit card payments via the telephone or by way of mail orders.

However, if you want to accept credit cards through our virtual terminal, we will ask that you have a fully functioning website that will meet the requirements of the card industry.

This is called PCI compliance. This allows for your MLM merchant account to accept currency transactions safely.

Here are other industries that need to be PCI complaint, as well:

To learn more, simply contact a High Risk Solutions agent.

Is it simple to integrate? Yes. It is fast and easy to integrate with the MLM payment gateway.

After you connect your servers through High Risk Solutions, you will then be able to accept your credit card payments either online or over the phone through our PCI compliant payment gateway app.

Should there be any difficulties while integrating into the High Risk Solutions payment gateway, you can count on our tech team to troubleshoot. This will help you get the processing underway as soon as possible.

Is there a solution for MLM merchants? Yes. There can be times when getting a domestic MLM merchant account will be challenging. Some businesses may be considered to be high-risk.

A lot of acquiring banks will consider your industry to be a higher risk due to your business model.

However, if we are unable to find you a United States merchant account, we will work to connect you to one of the many offshore acquiring banks that we work. This is to help you establish a working offshore merchant account.

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