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Merchant Account Services For Mobile Apps

Developing apps takes time and expertise. Many app developers put their software out for free because they cannot get affordable mobile apps merchant services.

High Risk Solutions (HRS) is the perfect partner for software app developers.​

App Developers Can Find Trustworthy And Speedy Credit Card Processing Through High Risk Solutions

The explosion of smartphones over the last few years has driven up the popularity of mobile apps. No one has profited from this more than app developers, as a few mobile apps have gone over a billion dollars in value.

The mobile app sector of the economy is poised to be the next big thing online.

If you run or operate a mobile app, then you boost your chances at sales and profits. If you are able to accept credit card payments, then you profit faster. High Risk Solutions mobile apps merchant accounts let you do just that.

Prime Yourself For Profits

Waiting to boost your sales means waiting to see your app win in the marketplace.

Contact us right now to start a free application for a merchant account to start processing credit card payments sooner rather than later.

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High Risk Solutions offers you credit card payment processing online /and/ a dedicated account manager to walk you through your application process who stays with you for the life cycle of your account.

Call us today toll-free to speak individually with a representative about what we can do for you. Or you may chat live online.

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If you've been turned away or declined because other credit card processors consider your businesses type as too risky, High Risk Solutions can help.

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Do you accept international payment types? Yes. With a merchant account through High Risk Solutions, you are not bound to processing credit card payments online in only American Dollars.

How many currencies?  ~160. You can accept a broad spectrum of currencies, including Euros and Pounds. Get your payments in whatever your local currency is.

Do you work with international companies? Yes. High Risk Solutions provides services for e-Commerce outfits around the globe. We don’t turn away anyone based simply on what kind of business they operate.

If your business is operating in an industry deemed “higher risk“, we are here to help you.

We have established relationships with acquiring banks and financial institutions, both domestically and off-shore, so that we can customize a solution tailor-fit to your problem and risk levels.

Contact a merchant service representative today to learn more.

Is the process easy to do? Yes. Businesses that choose High Risk Solutions for payment gateway integration do not go through a complex process.

In fact, our professionals can handle the installation to your site. We have it up and running very quickly. Get credit card payment processing going as soon as you can.

Our IT experts put together the PCI payment gateway for you.​

Other industries that use HRS gateways:

Is the merchant account application affordable? Yes. It is free.

For the convenience of interested parties, applying for a payment gateway for apps or a mobile apps merchant account is free.

Once you fill out an application, we have your information within a short while.

A dedicated account manager reviews your details and goes through our contacts. That manager identifies the right processing solution for your situation.

Approved applications often see credit card processing online within a few business days.

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