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Physical casinos can be cash-only. Online casinos need to take electronic payments. The most common electronic payment is credit cards. In order to accept credit cards, you need an online casino merchant account.

High Risk Solutions (HRS) works with merchants to accept credit cards.

Premium Credit Card Payment Options For Online Casinos

The future of online gambling looks strong in the United States. Three states have already legalized it. More states are expected to follow.

High Risk Solutions has a history of working with online casinos. You can process credit card payments.

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Our merchant account representatives at High Risk Solutions empower you.  Process credit card payments in around a week.

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If you've been turned away or declined because other credit card processors consider your businesses type as too risky, High Risk Solutions can help.

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Can I get low rates? Yes. High Risk Solutions has long-standing partnerships with offshore banks. Institutions handle credit card processing. They work with above-average-risk sectors. Online casinos are in the sector. Qualified casinos get low rates.

Are there advantages? Yes. The offshore banks provide a number of advantages:

  • They are more willing and open to dealing with high-risk business structures
  • They usually have less restrictions on taxes

Will I have a dedicated manager? Yes. When you get approved for a casino merchant account, your initial representative is your assistant. It does not matter how long you work with High Risk Solutions.

Do you have office hours? Yes. Both our technical support personnel and our merchant account representatives are free to talk to you. From 8:00 a.m. through 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. In Eastern Standard Time.

After hours, too? Yes. Inquiries and concerns can still be logged after hours. We will address them the following business day.

When you work with High Risk Solutions, we want to be a part of your success.

Is this reliable? Yes. The less stress you have, the better we feel.

Is it safe? Yes. This is the big motivation behind our technical support professionals. They work hard to integrate our secure payment gateway with your server.

Do you provide cart software? Yes. The casino payment gateway features over 40 kinds of shopping carts that are all PCI DSS-compliant.

Do you accept other currencies? Yes. 160 of them.​

Here are other industries we help:

Chargebacks are something that can bring a business to its knees. Sometimes these are caused by friendly fraud.

Friendly fraud is caused by customers taking advantage of unintended loopholes.

For example:

  • Discount code stacking
  • Making card purchases for card rewards

High Risk Solutions provides tremendous knowledge about chargebacks.

We provide education on important topics:

  • The best practices to handle chargeback situations
  • Preventing them in the first place

Do you assist with fighting reversals? Yes. When chargebacks happen, your merchant account manager is standing by to help you out.

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