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Online Dating Credit Card Processing Full Merchant Account – Easy Approval

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Top Notch Online Dating Merchant Account

Ever since the invention of matchmakers, people have been involved with getting couples together. Sometimes relationships hold for a life-time while other hold for just a night. Results may vary. ​This is why you need an online dating credit card processing account.

After a relationship fizzles, sometime times the customer wants a refund. These are called chargebacks, and you are going to need to have assurances that you won’t loose too much capital.​

Credit Card Processing Solutions That Are Effortless and Swift

For over 15 years, online card processing geared towards online dating services have been offered by High Risk Solutions (HRS).

Despite the fact that online dating merchant accounts are seen as very high-risk, this is not something which should adversely affect online dating merchants.

Not only has High Risk Solutions provided merchant accounts to online dating industries, their services have been dispensed to many other high-risk industries.

Regardless of whether your online dating services are niche-oriented or subscription based, the perfect merchant account solution can be provided to you by High Risk Solutions.

The Following Types of Dating Websites Have Received Merchant Accounts From High Risk Solutions

Online dating credit card processing is important to these business types:

  • Those based on Geographic Locations
  • Specific Cultures and Races
  • Niche Dating Websites
  • Adult Dating Websites
  • Compatibility Websites
  • Dating Websites for Seniors
  • LGBT Match Making
  • Religious Dating Websites

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How Can I Learn More On The Subject Of Online Dating Merchant Services?

If you are interested in discovering all that High Risk Solutions has to offer in the world of online dating payment processing, take a moment to click and expand on each available section.

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How many banks do you partner with? Over 20. There are many acquiring banks whether domestic, international and even offshore who partner with High Risk Solutions.

These banks are fully aware of exactly what high-risk merchants need. There are 160 currencies that are used for exchange.

At High Risk Solutions, your success is our success. That is why your business will be paired with the banking option that will best fit your specific business needs.

Can you assist with recurring billing? Yes. When it comes to processing payments for online dating merchants, services that are subscription-based are quite popular.

At High Risk Solutions, we offer a wide array of payment options thus allowing merchants to survey and keep an eye on all transactions.

Other businesses that like recurring billing:

Do you help with reversals from customers? Yes. A very common occurrence in the world of online dating are chargebacks. If there are a large amount of chargebacks, a business can be adversely affected.

Their business credit score drops which makes it harder to get vendor contracts.

However, High Risk Solutions offers many strategic steps and methods to help dating merchants reduce chargebacks.

We know how important online dating credit card processing is for your business.​

Do you have tools to help accept credit cards? Yes. At High Risk Solutions, our goal is to offer top of the line merchant accounts. We equip online business with the necessary tools to not only succeed but also excel in their industry.

Tools such as:

  • Multi-Currency Processing
  • Fraud Prevention Measures
  • Multiple Merchant Accounts
  • Shopping Cart Options

Will I talk with an account manager directly? Yes. Call forwarding and message relay companies are not used by High Risk Solutions at this time.

Talk directly to the person who is going to assist you through the process.

You can always count on the fact that from Monday to Friday (starting at 8 a.m. all the way to 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time) your call will be answered. A live merchant account agent will gladly assist you.

Or leave a message after hours and get contacted the next business day.

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