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​Gaming businesses thrive online with credit card gateway access.

Quick Credit Card Processing Answers For Social Gaming Merchant Accounts

Social gaming is growing in popularity all the time. Today is the day to discover the right credit card processing protocols your business should use.

Social media continues to grow around the world, too. The time is ripe to bring a social game of your own to the scene. Start accepting payments from customers that are using international currencies.

High Risk Solutions offers merchant accounts for social gaming. That means that player payments get processed faster. The currency of your choice is delivered to your business in an expedient fashion.

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If you've been turned away or declined because other credit card processors consider your businesses type as too risky, High Risk Solutions can help.

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Keep Learning About A Social Gaming Merchant Account

If you want to keep learning about our social gaming merchant accounts, or about online gaming payment gateways, then click on each particular section to expand it and read more.

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Can you help my high risk business? Yes. High Risk Solutions prides itself with helping merchants that banks might think of or label as “higher risk”.

We have a broad network of established partners, so one of our merchant account professionals can identify a credit card processing protocol that fits your specific high-risk merchant account.

In addition to reliable on-time payouts, you can establish a professional relationship with High Risk Solutions as your partner.  They will help you acquire the credit card payments that run your business.

Do you work with social game merchants? Yes. Our social gaming merchant accounts are compatible with a wide variety of game types and genres.

Facebook games, online board and puzzle games, MMORPGs, kid’s games and mobile app gaming solutions just scratch the surface of what we have to offer.

Other gaming high-risk merchant businesses include:

​(Click the blue link to see a blog post about a copywriter for adult content like games.)

Can I take payments in yen? Yes. Once you establish a social gaming merchant account, you’ll have the power to take payments in the form of many of the globe’s most used currencies.

This allows you to draw in players from around the globe. Take payments not just in American (USD) Dollars, but also in Euros, British Pounds and many more currencies.

Pairing this flexibility up with live-time payment processing provides an unrivaled merchant experience.

Can I get individual help? Yes. If there are any problems establishing your merchant account, we have our own technical support team of experienced and talented professionals ready to leap to your assistance.

We’re masters at payment gateway integration. Our gateways are secure and PCI compliant. After acceptance, we’ll have your website joined up with your merchant account in a few short days. It can be that much faster to start collecting your online currency.

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