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Selling prescription pharmacy medicines requires a high risk merchant account.  At High Risk Solutions, we offer true solutions for these specific business types.   We have USA Based Banks for USA businesses and have offshore solutions as well for non USA businesses.  In addition, we will also set our proprietary payment gateway for your online pharmacy sales.

Your business will be able to process payments with a multitude of options.  You can have your customers pay through your website, through an online secure virtual terminal for phone orders, email electronic invoicing, ACH, echecks, and even crypto currenices.  Your business will have all of our tools which should give the success you need to close sales for your business.

Does Your Business Have Your Own Doctors, or Indepedent Doctors,  And Want To Offer Telemedicine Capabilities To Your Customers As Well?

Yes! This is not a problem for High Risk Solutions.   This is one of our core business segments that we specialze in.  As you probably became aware recently, getting solutions for a Online Pharmacy merchant account is not an easy task.  It takes specialty solutions that we cater too.

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Online Pharmacy Merchant Account Required Criteria

  1. Online Pharmacy must be VIPPs or Legit Script certified
  2. Provide An executive summary that describes the company, who the owner and key personnel are and their experience.
  3. Any domain name used to facilitate the sale of prescription medicines be registered accurately, non-anonymously, and to the merchant
  4. The merchant discloses, on the website, contact and location information for all dispensing pharmacies and other suppliers
  5. The merchant must provide Pharmacy licenses in each jurisdiction where the merchant offers to ship prescription drugs to, or provide information showing
  6. that the jurisdiction explicitly recognizes pharmacy licenses in the merchant’s jurisdiction.
  7. The pharmacist license for all pharmacists and any physician or other medical practitioner employed by or contracted with the business.
  8. Policy documents that pertain to consent agreements with governing authorities, applicable privacy protection laws, adverse medical event reporting, shipping procedures for heat sensitive medications, and document retention plans, etc.
  9. Provide Information about the pharmacy merchant’s source of, and supply chain for, the drugs it receives.

Other Required Financial Information For Your Pharmacy Business

• Current Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss statements.
• Two years of Business Tax Returns. If business is less than two years then you must provide most recent two years of personal tax returns.
• The last three months of processing statements from current processor. If with a third-party processor then provide copies of online statements.
• Last three months of commercial checking account bank statements
• If you are a brand new business, then you will need to provide a detailed business plan and statements with sufficient capital in your checking account.

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