Payday Loan Merchant Account Services For Cash Advance Firms

We Can Assist You With Your Payday Loan Merchant Account

High Risk Solutions (HRS) has for almost 20 years been one of the leading providers for the payday lending industry when it comes to merchant accounts within the U.S.

We excel at payday loan merchant account services.

High Risk Solutions will help you accept credit cards worldwide. We can get you approved when other banks turn your business down for being "high-risk".​

How does HRS offer credit card processing internationally? Simply. We have an extensive network of offshore acquiring banks to partner with us so that we can offer companies within the industry merchant payment processing services of the highest quality.

Why does HRS succeed? Hard work. We work very hard at expediting and delivering payday loan merchants with reliable solutions for your e-Commerce business.

How do I get started? Fill out an application. Our online application is free and very easy-to-fill-out. We will get your cash advance merchant account approved quickly and get it set up and running in just a few days. Simply click the "get my account now" button.

Can you work with high volume transactions? Yes. We are aware of this fact: If you have a cash advance or payday lending business to run, then you need to be able to process payments very efficiently.

We have a good understanding of what your special requirements are. HRS works hard to ensure that you get cash advance credit card processing solutions that allows you to process payments quickly.

Contact us today. We explain the different kinds of accounts that we offer you. You may also click on the blog section of our website in order to get more information so that you can make an informed decision for your business.

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Ready To Get Started?

Please call us if you have any concerns or questions.

Can I start with the application? Yes. You fill out our application by clicking on "get my account now". We will contact you shortly about your approval notice.

High Risk Solutions can help you get approved for your merchant account within four business days or so.

Our Experts are Ready to Help

High Risk Solutions has been providing professional merchant services to high-risk industries since 1995. Apply today and start processing credit cards. Our experts are here to help your business succeed!

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