SBOA Merchant Services (Storage Business Owners Alliance)

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Fast Payment Processing Solutions For Storage Facility Merchant Accounts

SBOA stands for “Storage Business Owner Alliance”. Currently, High Risk Solutions (HRS) makes SBOA merchant services available.

Due to businesses operating during the 21st century, credit card processing must be taken seriously.

Accept credit card payments in either your store and online. High Risk Solutions makes it possible for you to attract and retain more loyal customers.

Getting credit card processing set up can be scary. However, High Risk Solutions can make it quite easy for you. We would like to care for your SBOA merchant services.

HRS offers SBOA members the ideal solution. Make your processing services both reliable and accurate.

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Answer some quick questions about your business. Then, HRS matches you up with the best merchant account for your needs. HRS makes it simple for you.

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If you've been turned away or declined because other credit card processors consider your businesses type as too risky, High Risk Solutions can help.

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For More Information On Storage Facility & SBOA Merchant Services

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Is your gateway system secure from hackers and malware? Yes. Get expert IT service from High Risk Solutions. HRS pairs your website with a secure payment gateway.  Start processing credit cards payments now.

For example:

A customer pays with a credit card. The transaction goes through the secure, PCI compliant gateway. Transaction processing begins. Your bank either accepts or declines the payment. If the payment is accepted, the funds transfer into your merchant account.

Also, our live tech support team handles complex integrations for you. Get help for free. Probably the best option for you.

Can I choose the options I want? Yes. High Risk Solution provides a unique experience. Get customizable merchant accounts.

You can benefit by combining business models, too.

HRS provide you with access to some of the finest credit card processing software available. Take credit cards with ease.

Effortlessly collect payments directly at your storage facility or online. Run your business efficiently.

For maximum efficiency, pair an SBOA merchant account with a retail account.

Retail businesses that pair with offshore SBOA merchant services:

Can you work with an offshore merchant? Yes. Find appropriate credit card processing solutions. HRS helps businesses succeed. Especially, when your business is considered to be a high-risk one.

However, High Risk Solutions eliminates problems by having an extensive network of acquiring banking partners. We partner with dozens of banks in locations all over the world.

Internationally, we work with approximately 160 currency types.​

HRS customizes merchant services and payment gateways. Qualified businesses get merchant accounts. HRS wants to know your specific needs. We can find a solution together.

Don’t worry about your business start date. Applications are accepted for either existing businesses or start ups.

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