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Subscription Billing and Recurring Payment Processing

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Recurring Payment Processing Services and Payment Gateways

High Risk Solutions knows that recurring billing is the cornerstone of subscription services.​

Internet Merchant Accounts Designed For Continuity Businesses

If you are needing to bill your customers on a yearly, bi-monthly, monthly or weekly basis, then it is important to get a continuity merchant account opened with High Risk Solutions. Our company offers subscription credit card processing solutions.

Our solutions are designed for recurring billing via our PCI compliant payment gateway along with our extensive network of trustworthy banking partners.

High Risk Solutions has recurring billing merchant account services for both international and localized business needs that enable you to accept various currencies from all of the major credit card companies. There are no monthly volume caps with our merchant accounts, and large ticket processing is supported.

Open A High Risk Solutions Continuity Merchant Account

With High Risk Solutions recurring payment processing services, you can use a set schedule for charging your customers.

Our in-house developers maintain a recurring billing secure payment gateway for protecting the personal credit card information of your customers and protects your business from threats.

To learn more about the process of opening up any High Risk Solutions continuity subscription merchant service, reach us at 1-888-548-5649 or from our contact page today.

At High Risk Solutions, our expert merchant account specialists are here to assist you with completing your application package. HRS can get you matched up with the best acquiring bank to meet your business credit card processing requirements.

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If you've been turned away or declined because other credit card processors consider your businesses type as too risky, High Risk Solutions can help.

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High Risk Solutions working with our acquiring bank network offers a broad range of credit card processing solutions for recurring billing. This includes accepting payments in a number of different currencies, such as Euros, British Pounds and US Dollars.

HRS also makes it possible for major credit card companies to be accepted by continuity merchants, including Discover, Maestro, MasterCard, Visa Electron and Visa.

High Risk Solutions offers merchant account solutions whether you wanting to conduct business within the United States or offshore.

Here at High Risk Solutions we work with international acquiring banks as well as domestic ones to provide qualifying businesses with continuity merchant accounts.

To learn if you are qualified for a continuity merchant account with us, get in touch with one of our merchant account managers at High Risk Solutions by calling 1-888-548-5649 or submitting your questions via our contact form.

It is very important for continuity merchants to find a reliable and secure recurring billing payment gateway for their businesses.

High Risk Solutions has formed a partnership with NMI to allow merchants to process payments on the basis of a subscription schedule.

If you are processing credit cards using a NMI payment gateway, we still can provide your business with an Internet merchant account.

To learn more about our Internet merchant accounts or the NMI payment gateway, reach us at 1-888-548-5649 or through our contact page today.

In order to help preserve your continuity merchant account’s integrity, High Risk Solutions offers you chargeback prevention advice.

From writing effective billing descriptions to learning how to identify fraudulent transactions that may cause chargebacks, we can help you with keeping your chargeback ratio in check.

However, whenever you do experience one of those transactions, our Risk Management Department here at High Risk Solutions will help you.  You’ll have assistance to fight and reverse the chargeback in question.

High Risk Solutions really cares about your business succeeding. (Here is an example of an online billing analyst from our blog.)

Adding on an SSL certificate will not only help you with reaching PCI compliance, it will also give your website an added protective layer of fraud prevention.

Whether you need assistance from High Risk Solutions to locate an SSL providers or have your own issuer already, our Client Tech Support team can help you with integrating your SSL certificate with your website.

Having an SSL certificate gives you online encrypted credit card processing services. In addition, you can demonstrate to  your customers that they can trust providing their credit card information via your website.

E-Commerce merchants that need SSL ceritfication:

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