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The Merchant Account Services Timeshare Companies Need

​Timeshares are a great way to enjoy a home away from home. Vendors who are able to accept credit cards have a clear advantage. A timeshare merchant account is possible with High Risk Solutions (HRS).

Timeshare Merchants With Resources Will Find A Home With High Risk Solutions

Many traditional banks consider businesses in the travel, tourist and timeshare industries to present a worrisome level of risk.

To be fair, businesses in these fields to tend to attract chargebacks.

At High Risk Solutions, though, we believe that legitimate and growing businesses should get their fair chance to operate and expand online.

This is why we specialize in bringing together merchants from many industries – including the timeshare business – with bankers who are ready to help them establish merchant accounts.

High Risk Solutions Helps You Solve The Chargeback Problem

Most of the transactions involved in the timeshare business require high levels of commitment.

Second thoughts are common, especially after the expiration of free trials or grace periods. This is sometimes referred to as “friendly fraud“.

Merchants and banks consider chargebacks to be inevitable in the timeshare industry.

High Risk Solutions can provide strategies to help you minimize the number of chargebacks you face. Handle them more effectively and possibly reverse them.

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If you've been turned away or declined because other credit card processors consider your businesses type as too risky, High Risk Solutions can help.

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Is HRS established? Yes. Since 1995. We’ve been a vital player in the e-commerce financial sector since its very start.

Over time, we’ve built up strong relationships with many different acquiring banks around the world.

Companies that are desperate for a timeshare credit card processing service provider often find what they’re looking for with High Risk Solutions.

We can bring you together with domestic, international and even offshore banks to give you the credit card processing capabilities your business needs to thrive.

Do you need documentation? Yes. Any prior history of credit card history in your industry will be a major help and our underwriting team will want to see it.

You can gather all of the documents needed for the application process prior to submitting your application or send them in individually as you locate them.

There are plenty of stressful moments ahead when you decide to start your own business in a high-risk industry like the timeshare field.

Will HRS assist us the whole way? Yes. We’ll deliver the financial expertise you need not just during your application process but for as long as you remain a partner of High Risk Solutions.

Call 1-888-548-5649 to speak to an experienced account manager anytime.

Do you have office hours? Yes. You can always reach one of our merchant account managers for an individual conference during our normal operating hours – 8 AM to 6 PM EST, Monday through Friday.

Leave an inquiry after hours and we will respond as quickly as possible on the next business day.

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