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Business Merchant Services for Tobacco Merchants: Quick Approval Process, Trusted Reliability

High Risk Solutions (HRS) provides accounts for Cuban cigar merchants. Online tobacco credit card processing brings in income.

Has there been a significant change? Yes. Cuban trade restrictions are loosening. High Risk Solutions is extremely optimistic about this. The future prospects for the cigar industry begins now.

Is your service reliable? Yes. Tobacco merchants have significant challenges with reliable card services. A tobacco merchant account offers true reliability.

Can you work with a part offline and part online business? Yes. High Risk Solutions provides customizeable solutions for tobacco merchants.

Merchant Accounts for Cuban Cigar Businesses

Do you accept Cuban merchants? Yes. High Risk Solutions accepts applications from those interested in merchant accounts for Cuban cigar sales.

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Is the application easy? Yes. Capitalize on the easing of trade regulations between Cuba and the United States.

Do you accept drop ship companies? Yes. High Risk Solutions partners with the best banking enterprises around the world in order to help with  all types of transactions.

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If you've been turned away or declined because other credit card processors consider your businesses type as too risky, High Risk Solutions can help.

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Can you exchange in Pesos? Yes. A High Risk Solutions merchant account gives tobacco merchants the freedom to take online payments. This includes a wide range of world currencies. Pesos are fine.

Do you provide offshore banking options? Yes. The offshore banking options make global expansion a reality. This is valid for for tobacco merchants of all sizes.

Can I receive payments in Swiss Francs? Yes. All finalized transactions settle in the currency of your company’s nationality. Accept payments in any or all currencies you desire.

Do you work with tobacco wholesalers? Yes. Our team works together with e-commerce enterprises. If your business is of a high-risk nature, we stand ready to help.

Can I exclude a specific currency? Yes. Our numerous domestic and offshore banks give us an expansive ability. We can design custom-tailored plans.

Do you work with very high risk businesses? Yes. The specific degree of risk involved will not hinder us. We develop an effective solution.

Here are other high-risk business that we work with:

Is your application process efficient? Yes. It only takes a matter of minutes. You submit information on a short form. Our skilled account professionals help you from there.

Do you assist after? Yes. After acceptance, we begin finding solutions. We help identify the tobacco credit card processing solutions you need. We want the best for your circumstances.

Can this be long-term? Yes.

Will you provide individual assistance? Yes.

Will you handle the IT stuff? Yes.​

Can we start right away? Yes. After the approval process is complete, you may begin credit card payment acceptance in as few as three to five business days.

Can I call you? Yes. 1-888-548-5649​

How about online? Yes. There is our contact form.​

Is your gateway secure? Yes. When a tobacco merchant account is put into place, customers do not have to worry about website integration with the payment gateway.

Our own team of tech professionals is prepared to perform installation tasks at no charge. This allows for payment acceptance to begin in an expedited fashion.

Our merchant account payment gateways follow PCI rules of security standards.​

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