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Web Design Credit Card Processing and Payment Gateways

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Affordable Processing Rates On Payment Gateway and Merchant Services For Website Development Firms

​Accepting credit cards for online technical companies is tough. Web design credit card processing is possible through High Risk Solutions.

Fast Approvals – As Quickly as 3 to 5 Business Days

We understand that website design merchants have specific needs that need to be met:

  • One-on-One Customer Support
  • Best Possible API Setup
  • Recurring Billing
  • Direct Post Integration
  • Secure Payment Gateway for World Currencies

Everything Needed For Launching and Succeeding

For over 20 years, High Risk Solutions has been providing online businesses with merchant services. Thrive and succeed online.

Does HRS do more than just credit card processing? Yes. High Risk Solutions helps their clients in many ways. We have many partnerships and tools to get your business going.

HRS offers all the tools needed for businesses to do exactly that with:

  • Fraud Prevention
  • Offshore Incorporation
  • Secure Payment Gateways
  • And Much More

Call us at 1-888-548-5649 or contact us online to speak with one of our merchant account representatives.

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Our underwriting process is fast. Get your merchant account set up and processing credit cards for your website design business in as soon as one week.

We have merchant account managers available now. We can help you with each step of the way. This is for the lifetime of your account.

Call us at 1-888-548-5649 or contact us online for more information.

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If you've been turned away or declined because other credit card processors consider your businesses type as too risky, High Risk Solutions can help.

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Learn More About Web Design Credit Card Processing

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Does HRS work struggling merchants? Yes. High Risk Solutions provides many benefits by offering custom merchant accounts in over 60 industries. Businesses can overcome challenges for credit card processing with our help.

  • Many Types of Payment: Over 160 currencies are recognized by High Risk Solutions.
  • Payment Gateway Integration: Members of our staff will match your business up with the best gateway and acquiring banks.  Secure and PCI compliant.
  • Fraud Prevention Tools: High Risk Solutions will keep you protected. For example: chargeback education, secure software and MaxMind.
  • Live Customer Support: Call 1-888-548-5649. Talk directly with one of our staff.
How are companies blacklisted from brick and mortar banks? Underwriting failure. The banks are afraid to insure the transactions. They are fearful that your web design company will fail to meet the needs of your customers.

There are numerous reasons why an industry may be considered to be high-risk:

High Risk Solutions offers high-risk merchant accounts. With different credit card processing solutions, HRS meets the needs of website design merchants.

Is it easy to set up? Yes. Integrate with our acquiring partner bank’s payment gateway. This provides you with compatibility with over 40 different kinds of shopping carts. Have ability to receive and give out funds in 160 different currencies.

Other high-risk industries you may work with:

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