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Is your company’s website built through Weebly.com platform?   Are you finding out that your business is considered high risk and that their payment processing solution will not work for your company? Obtaining a Weebly high risk merchant account should not be a difficult task. We encourage you to read our blog and to determine for yourself if we will be the right fit for your payment processing needs.

Weebly.com was acquired by Squareup.com in 2019.   Weebly business model was a perfect acquisition for what Square does. If you were not aware, Square Inc. is a very successful payment processor and have integrated there software perfectly into Weebly Store Builder.  The only issue with Square is that they are a low-risk payment  provider and they do not have the tools or the means to process payments for high-risk business types.

What Makes Your Business A High Risk Payment Processing Issue

There is no easy answer to this question. There is a list of reasons as to why your business is considered high risk in the merchant account industry.   For example, your specific business type could be the reason, or possibly your credit history could be the reason,  more you might be a non US citizen wanting to do business in the USA. These are just a few reasons as to what could make your business high risk.

What Are My Options When It Comes To Obtaining A Merchant Account?

There are options available to almost all businesses, but it is more difficult for start-up businesses to obtain low rates and fees for a high risk business type.    At High Risk Solutions, each account is treated separately. We will analyze your business type and figure out what the best approach for your business will be in  order to obtain a high risk merchant account and at the lowest rates possible.


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