Being an e-marketing manager is an exciting profession. There are lots of clients who want to make more money from their customers. The traditional ads seen on television or magazines as well as heard on the radio are not converting clients like they used to.

Being that mobile devices are used in greater frequency, e-marketing is at the right time. It is important not to forget direct mail response, too. Here are my tips and direct marketing ideas for you to consider.

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Data on Dollars Spent per Campaign

One of the tough things to do at the beginning of your e-marketing contract is to show how the dollars spent create revenue for your client. Ideally, every dollar spent should generate $2 for the client.

This means that each campaign must be tracked. Advertisements need to have a lot of A/B split testing. Coming in under budget is a good idea at first.

As  you build your client base, you also should be doing A/B split testing of your own sales copy. This may mean different pricing models for the same services. At this point, it is important to have a merchant account provider who is your partner in getting the best value for each transaction you make.


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Combine Online and Mail Direct Advertising

When a customer buys something from your online store, there may be a package of goods sent to their house. Along with the package of goods, send them an internet link that is exclusive for them only. This link should include ideas of other things they might buy from you.

Also, while they are looking at their own web page, conduct surveys about your business. Customers who feel like they are a part of the business decisions have an emotional bond to that brand.

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Purchase Advertising Online rather than SWAG

Encourage your customers not to spend a lot of money on branded items right away. As you get data on which customers are buying your product, you are going to change your branding.

Too many businesses waste money on buying physical things like business cards, promotional coffee cups, pens with your address on them, etc. It is better to have a marketing campaign where the batches are made as needed.

While it is fun to get branded items at conferences, it is swag (or stuff we all get). After the conference, most of that stuff is thrown or given away. The budget is better spent on direct marketing.

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Swipe File for Direct Mail Advertising Examples

When you see a direct mail advertisement that catches your eye, put it into what is called a “swipe file”. Make sure to leave a notation about what is is that caught your attention. It could be the font or colors used. It could be terrific copy.

To be fair, it could be the worst advertising you have seen, too. Keeping examples of what you don’t like is also helpful for showing clients what you will not do.

Direct mail campaign examples are everywhere. It is just a matter of picking them up.


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Consumer Direct Marketing Merchant Account for an E-Marketing Manager

Being that a lot more business is conducted online, it would make sense for clients to purchase services from your website. The more ways that you can take payments (like credit cards), the more ways you can assist your clients. E-Commerce is part of the high-risk businesses.

High Risk Solutions is a well-established company (since 1995) that helps with getting online payment gateway access. Taking credit cards online increases your ability to make sales and generate profit faster. The next step is to fill out the application.

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