Being an online manager for an electronics store can get a little crazy. The thing about electronics is that they do not work as planned 25% of the time. This means that there are a lot of returns in this business. Managing the logistics of electronics supply and demand is a full time job.

When you have the right tools, this position feels more like a game. People wonder why I love my job so much. It is just like playing an online game – except the money is real and not just tokens. I do not need to earn badges in games when I can see progress in real life.

Here are some things that can make your job so much easier.

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Your Shopping Basket – Make it Easy for Customers to Buy

Make sure that you get the best e-shopping cart that you can. It needs to have a few features to make your life easier. These are things you should look for in a shopping cart:

  • Customers can zoom in on products
  • It is easy to input the technical information using UPC codes
  • Shoppers can use credit, debit, gift and coupon card codes
  • The software remembers the customer and their purchase history
  • It is hands off as possible
  • Set currencies and countries you will do business with
  • Sends reminders to customers who have left with items not purchased in cart still

Getting the credit card details (like the logos of the cards you take and a lock icon) onto your eshop is important. There is a thing called PCI compliance. PCI compliance is simply the standard security criteria that makes the transaction safe for your customers.

Ask your customers for feedback constantly on their experience with your web store. Answer questions publicly on your blog. This can help you make improvements to their experience.

Take backups daily of your website.

Also, make sure that you have the billing address and the shipping address correct.

These tips really helped me as an online store manager.

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Online Store Manager Secret – Pennies to Profit

Use online auctions to your advantage. There are sites where you can start bids with a single penny. I have a separate purchasing account just for this. During my slow periods, I go onto these auction sites and I make bids.  I buy electronics at really low prices.

I have my colleagues check to see if the device works. If yes, I re-sell the items on my web store. If no, I have the device dismantled for parts at a electronics repair shop. You would be so surprised how much profit you can make from doing this.

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TV 36 Inch to TV 50 Inch – Upgrade Often

Matter of fact, I got a TV upgrade by doing penny auctions. I went from a 36 inch TV to a 50 inch TV. The 50 inch is used as my computer monitor now. I do not need to squint when looking at the “fine print” of the terms of the sales.

I went with the 50 inch LED TV because I did not want the screen ruined by burning an image onto the front of it. The larger screen has increased my productivity so much. I would say that this as one of the best pleasures of my job as a online store development manager.

Because of the difference in size, I no longer needed my TV riser. So, the riser went on my eshop for re-sell. My job has become a lot easier now that I can really see my spreadsheets, my estore development area and auction data at the same time.

By the way, I have a TV remote holder that is Velcroed to the underside of my desk. This makes it very easy to turn on and off my devices without me needing to get up from my office chair.


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ECommerce Credit Card Processing – Get a Long-Term Provider

Take credit cards online. An eCommerce payment gateway provider is a huge part of your team. You want to make sure that you have the ability to take care of returns and chargeback as well as high sales volume.

You want to make merchant accounts in locations that allow you to purchase goods wholesale at a decent price.

For example, the state of Oregon does not have sales tax. Having a merchant account established there means that I can buy items for less. I can use the money saved for my auction purchases.

High Risk Solutions (since 1995) provides an eCommerce merchant account for an online store planning manager like me. They can help you find the best eCommerce payment gateway for your needs.

In order to get started, click for the application below.

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