I run a business where I do marketing for escorts via massage advertising. Imagine a video where the escort is getting the massage rather than giving one; it is a twist on what is typically produced.

This means that I can make soft porn movies for escorts that they can use for their advertising. This is a service that is requested by both the escorts and their customers who purchase their services.

Trying to put this idea into a business plan in order to obtain start-up capital was a bit difficult (even with the demand for it). This industry really could use more adult promotion professionals. So, I am letting you know what I have learned in order to help you be more successful at doing this in your city.


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Borrow Equipment to Get Started

Not borrowing equipment at first was a mistake that I made right off the bat. I tried to invest in all of the cameras, massage tables, ambiance and more right from the beginning. I did not think it would be a problem.

The reality is that escorts have been scammed by lots of “film producers” before. They want to see your work first. So, instead of spending a bunch of cash on equipment, take your escorts to a massage parlor and ask if you can film the massage for advertising.

Some massage parlors will say no. And others will jump at the chance for free advertising of their reputable business. I am just saying that amateur cam and a safe setting is a way to go to help your escorts feel safe with you. Plus, escorts are enticed by a real, non-sexual massage.

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Get Organized

Appointments – Once the ball starts rolling, it is harder and harder to keep up with all of the schedules. You need to be able to change your appointments on a dime. If you do not know where you promised your time, it makes it very difficult to change plans.

Office Paperwork – There is a lot of paperwork to keep track of, too. Quickly develop a system of scanning every document that goes through your hands regarding your business. This will make a lot of things easier when you need to speak with your accountant or other person who needs to know your business.

Model Release Forms – A very important document to keep on file is a model release form that give your business the option of using the footage you take for whatever you want. The footage you take is valuable.

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Keep Good Data on your Models/Escorts

Your escorts need to be treated as professional models. When they turn up for massage shoots, you need to make sure you have their profile information on hand. With each visit, you should be collecting more data on your escort in order to keep up with advertising.

At the very least, start off by collecting their name, nickname and the best method for contacting them in the future. Also, if they are willing, collect their preferences for the type of work they are willing to perform.

This gives you an opportunity to work as a talent scout for other adult industries while you are at it. Webcam sites and lingerie promoters are always looking for new talent.


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You Need a Merchant Account for Massage Advertising

When I first started, I had no idea about the amount of money I was going to be paying out of pocket. It would have been so much easier on me if I got an escort merchant account that accepted credit cards sooner in my business.

Because I honestly was afraid of a company stealing my clients’ data, I opted not to get a merchant account. This was a big mistake.

What I learned from High Risk Solutions is that there are ways to keep your client data secure without needing to compromise taking credit card payments online.

With this merchant account set-up, I can take credit cards from escorts who want to participate in massage advertising. This merchant account allowed for reliable escort credit card processing. This made escort payment processing very easy for my online business.

If you want to accept credit cards from your clients online, fill out the application for High Risk Solutions below.

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