If you would have told me years ago that I would be a lingerie show promoter, I would have laughed. But now that my business is successful and people are paying attention to what I am doing, I am able to help other people get a foot-hold in this billion-dollar adult services industry.

Here are some things that I have learned along the way to help you out with your next exotic fashion show, burlesque performance or private lingerie modeling business.


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I Did Not Expect to be Denied an Adult Merchant Account for Lingerie

There are plenty of things in the adult entertainment industry that I could understand banks wanting to shy away from, but lingerie was a shock to me. Lingerie is sold in box stores and in malls, as well as promoted on college campuses now.

It turns out that there is a lot of friendly fraud committed by lingerie promoters who hint at more personal services after the lingerie show that are not delivered. Disgruntled customers rescind their credit card payments, and the decent lingerie promoters (like myself) are lumped in with that bunch.

Another scenario is that the lingerie promoter has an exclusive membership that customers pay for in advance, and the company is terminated due to changing laws regarding decency.

Regardless, the customers paid in advance for a service that will not get and the adult payment processor ends up paying for the difference.

Sometimes customers buy lingerie from exhibition shows, and it does not fit the same. The nature of lingerie makes returns very difficult. So customers opt to cancel payments for items that did not meet their expectations – even if that is not your fault at all!

(Other legal adult services that need 3rd party merchant account providers are: dating matchmakers, adult movie copywriters and advertisers for escorts.)

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Promoting Shows Solo is a Ton of Work!

When I began my company, I naively thought that if I had excellent “impresario” talents to promote other peoples’ products I could use my skills to have an effective company. Yet that cannot be further from what I truly experienced.

If you are setting up and also running your very own company, you have to do a lot of jobs at once.

You are a lingerie expert, customer service to models, client service specialist, actuary, marketing boss, social networks whiz, branding expert, internet site development manager, assistant, treasurer, Chief Executive Officer, CFO, and also basically any other title you can think about.

The earlier you realize that you are going to have to come to be good at a lot of various skills sets, the earlier you can start boosting all of the necessary proficiencies.

Great promotion skills are necessary; do not misunderstand what I am saying. But you need to have a bunch of various other skills too if you are going to organize your whole company from it!

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Promoting Lingerie Shows is about Caring for People

Exhibition promotion is a people endeavor. No matter if you are merely a hard-working promoter giving out fliers on the street corner or the “head honcho”, your customers are still individual thinkers.

The better you could work with (and also make deals with) individuals you meet on a day-to-day basis, the more success you will get.

I did not comprehend how essential this was up until I read the book “How to Talk to Anyone”. From that point on, I saw that the more initiative I put into being great with individuals, the increasing success I experienced.

That publication altered my company strategy as well as my life. I recognize that sentiment may seem like an exaggeration, yet I guarantee that is not the case.

I will not view adult merchant services in the same way. Especially when it comes to promoting fun things for people to wear on vacation or their private webcam sessions!

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Too Much Money Wasted on Branded Items

Together with my collection of rarely used devices (like POS machines and a fax machine), I have a heaping collection of obsolete print business stationary.

I have unusable pamphlets, welcome packets and thousands of gold-lined business cards all with embarrassing logo designs. I just made the logo like everyone else, and it made my branding smutty – which was not my goal.

All of those logo-printed items I paid for in advance are now totally pointless and a big waste of resources and also raw materials.

When it concerns your branding, producing something remarkable, one-of-a-kind and persistent is incredibly beneficial. The logo design should make you stick out from various other adult industry merchants, and proclaim who you are.

However, when it concerns ordering branded published items, be careful.

Do not think that the substantial bulk order will save you money, because the probability is that you will certainly never use all of it.

You are going to change your branding and logo a lot in the first few years of business. Do not go overboard and buy a ton of things for promotion that you cannot return later.

Look for ways to publish smaller-sized runs or print as needed. I have actually gone away  from ordering countless embossed business cards. I now  print out a couple loads each time on our laser printer.

If you run out of cards, you can print more – easily! You’ll know you are really utilizing them. You can order a slightly larger batch from a professional company if needed later.


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Changing from Online to Personal POS Machine Disaster

It started as a great idea. I found a company that was offering me lower interest rates if I only used their equipment to do so. I checked to see where the downside was, and there didn’t seem to be one at the time.

What I did not know was that there are several different layers of channels that credit cards go through.

There is customer security codes, a payment processor, gateway, merchant account provider, the issuing bank and international protocol checks.

Somewhere in the middle of getting the equipment set up, there was a problem. The company did not verify that the complete payment channel was finished. It took a couple of week to realize that the transactions were failing.

By the time the problem was discovered, the original merchant account had closed. I could not go back, and I could not use the system I had – credit card limbo!

I will never do that again!

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A Lingerie Show Promoter Needs a High-Risk Merchant Account

Being a promoter of lingerie shows is a fun business. You get to travel to amazing places and talk with incredibly confident people. It is a lifestyle that is not possible without having a high-risk merchant account provider.

Being able to take credit cards is very important. Especially when there is some risk involved to the customers and/or the money-issuing banks.

High Risk Solutions is a US-Based company that provides assistance to get accepted for high-risk merchant accounts for adult-related industries.

Established since 1995, High Risk Solutions is a company interested in seeing your business succeed.

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