High Risk Solutions is a company that specializes in high-risk credit card processing. A dating merchant account and other adult entertainment entities count the same as other high-risk business types.

In order to take credit card payments from customers for your adult services, you need to fill out a merchant application.

Adult entertainment businesses have a difficult time getting traditional merchant accounts most of all. The reason is that adult entertainment entities are among the first high-risk industries to receive a lot of credit card fraud. This resulted in a lot of chargebacks that the banks were not happy about consequently.

The result is that a new industry started that specialized in underwriting credit card processing services. High Risk Solutions has been operating since 1995 and helps adult-related businesses get payment gateway access.

High Risk Solutions is US-based. Therefore, High Risk Solutions plays by a standard set of rules for their business operation.

For example: In 2015, “Adult Friend Finder” was in the news. Their service was hacked and their private customer data was put online. This resulted in very upset customers. High Risk Solutions will not steal your customers’ data and expose it online.


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Adult Merchant Account Services

When you have a business that deals in adult entertainment or merchandise, there are a lot of points to consider. One of the questions is whether or not to accept credit cards online from your customers.

If you do choose to accept credit cards, you are seemingly  going to be able to conduct online business 24/7 worldwide.

Therefore, there are several things you need to have in place to do adult credit card processing:

  • Online adult entertainment or merchandise website
  • Technical adult payment processing capabilities
  • Private adult payment gateway access
  • Banking adult payment processor
  • Adult merchant account via 3rd party

As a result of this, High Risk Solutions is available to help you. Accept credit cards online from your customers privately and securely.

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Payment Processing Adult

In order to accept credit cards online for adult services or merchandise, your website needs to show what kind of payment types your company accepts. It is important to show that you are responsible with customer data by being PCI compliant.

Therefore, your customers can enter their credit card information online via your website without fear.

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Payment Gateway Adult

The next stage is the adult payment gateway. This is an electronic signal that is sent out to the 3rd party processor and to the customer’s bank from where the credit card was issued. The customer’s bank either accepts the transaction or outright denies it.

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Payment Processor Adult

In the case of high-risk adult entertainment businesses (like: adult matchmakers, lingerie salespersons, video describers and massage advertising), a 3rd party processor is needed to underwrite each transaction made. Hence, it is necessary to have a 3rd party help you.

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Merchant Account Adult

A decent 3rd party processor (like High Risk Solutions) will help you get a merchant account. They will also help build up your business to take advantage of perks from having a good business credit score.


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Credit Card Processing Adult

The 3rd party processor can help with credit card processing. When a customer buys your adult merchandise with a credit card, they are taking out a microloan from their issuing bank. Furthermore, the 3rd party processor is involved to make sure that the issuing bank does not deny your customer’s transaction.

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Account Settlement Adult

The 3rd party processor then works with the issuing bank to settle any transactions made or rescinded (called a chargeback). As a result, there are lots of reasons that customers create chargebacks:

  • Unauthorized use of card
  • Embarrassment
  • Did not get the service they expected
  • Non-returnable adult merchandise dissatisfaction

Some of these things are considered to be “friendly fraud“. This is especially relevant because someone is responsible for the bill at the end of the day.

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Choose High Risk Solutions for your Dating Merchant Account and More

It is no secret that High Risk Solutions is an established business that provides assistance for getting adult entertainment merchants accounts. Most of all, this company wants your business to succeed so that you stay their customer for a long time.

High Risk Solutions is an asset to your company. Customers will give you money online with payment gateway access!

Click below for the application.

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