Being a psychic matchmaker for women seeking men turned into a full-time job very quickly. There are so many women looking to find their soul mate. The traditional methods for dating were not working for them.

Because so many women wanted this service, I decided to make it into an official business.

The dating industry is huge. Being that people are wanting to marry for love rather than for status, the rules of the dating game have changed so much. What people want now are partners that can fulfill them in every way. This makes professional matchmaking a real service.

Shows like “The Millionaire Matchmaker” are becoming increasing popular, too. If you are good at matching up people, consider making your talents into a business that takes the anxiety out of online dating.


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Being Taken Seriously as a Business

The hardest part about turning psychic readings into matchmaking services is the reputation of other psychics who cheat their customers. Unhappy customers want their money back.

Also, matchmaking services falls under the category of “Adult” related services even though my services are simply advice on the type of man a women should be seeking, and the places to meet this guy for each client. (Other adult services that are similar are: lingerie promotion, adult copy-writing and escort advertising.)

After working up a business plan, I got denied funding to get the business up and running. It did not matter that I had a lot of good testimonials. I also had market research to prove my business model would work.

The point is that you are going into an adult-related business, you are going to have an uphill battle to get funding.

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Time Investment For Matchmaking Businesses

Determination is a lesson I still have to remind myself of frequently. When I initially got started, I figured I would have an extremely top-rated business running efficiently within a year. Advance a number of years, and I am still aiming to succeed.

It takes some time to get efficient with online dating services. More time is needed to get really efficient with advertising and marketing. And an even a longer time is necessary to get efficient with client services. Finding the right avenues to make matches requires lots of logistics.

No matter how good you are at matchmaking, it takes even more time to get proficient at business management. Basically, it will be at least a year to get proficient with the plethora of skill sets needed.  You will learn to excel at each to run an extremely fruitful online dating matchmaking enterprise.

So do not become depressed if your goals are not occurring as quickly as you forecasted. If you stick with it, and keep on enhancing your skills, you will arrive where you initially believed.

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Making Inspirational Online Dating Marketing

When I initially got into expert-level matchmaking, I was a professional psychic with a lot of compassionate women as clients. I spent numerous hours taking a look at the internet sites and blogs of various other matchmakers.

I also spent tons of time on online forums with other relationship experts. While researching soul mate references, I checked out relationship publications. I basically submersed myself in my industry.

Do not misunderstand what I am saying. You could absolutely discover a bunch of new ideas from individuals who share the exact same career as you. Yet if you do not seek inspiration beyond that realm, you will find yourself just doing the same as every other dating service.

Terrific companies and innovators do not just do the like every other individual. They discover a means to stick out. Being a psychic matchmaker makes me stick out, and I am proud.

As a relationship consultant, the sources of motivation are nearly countless, so do not limit yourself to checking out only other matchmakers that do the exact same work as you.

Research and study the work of the great movers and shakers of the past. Check out the new jobs being made in different categories. Review well-known artists. View movies. And even flip through comic books. Imaginative motivation is almost everywhere, so open up your scope for it.

The exact same goes for business inspiration. You could find out lots from online marketing professionals, copywriters, and pretty much any individual in commerce. Besides, it is about aiding your clients find the gems from your online dating service.

The end game does differ, and the essential principles of inspiration are more similar that you might realize.

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A Good Cup of Joe while Finding the Perfect Joe for Women Seeking Men

Stock up on chocolate, coffee, or whatever else keeps you motivated to work long hours. It was surprising to me the amount of time I would be spending at my business learning all of the components of a dating business like matchmaking.

Between helping clients go through their choices of men to making sure that all the the licenses and books were kept up-to-date, there is little time for yourself. Just know that your business is like a very needy child at the beginning until it becomes a full-grown business.


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Get a Merchant Account to Accept Credit Cards Online

Getting an adult merchant account to accept credit cards online seemed like it should be easy to do. The technology makes it very easy for people all over the world to buy things online from a secure site with a credit card.

The surprising thing I found was that being able to offer this service was more of a challenge. There has been a lot of reports in the news lately about dating sites being hacked, and their customer data made public.

This makes it more important for online matchmakers who want to continue doing business online to get their security measures in place.

Where Can You Get an Online Dating Merchant Account?

Online dating credit card processing is available through High Risk Solutions. This company has been established since 1995, and will help you with getting the right credit cards payment gateway for your matchmaking business.

Get started by filling out the application below!

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