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EPC Contractor – Getting into the Flow


When creating a new industrial building, there are three things that matter: engineering, procurement and construction (EPC). Getting all of the things necessary in order to be delivered on time takes a skilled EPC contractor. There are a lot of moving parts when it comes time to build. Between working with the government to get […]

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Digital Marketing Specialist – What I Can Share


Being a digital marketing specialist is a profession that keeps you motivated and challenged. You are given a product that you need to convince people online to buy. Consumers may not be able to see, touch, taste, smell or otherwise experience the product. Typically, buyers only have the description to go by. Through the words […]

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Online Store Manager – Tricks I Picked Up


Being an online manager for an electronics store can get a little crazy. The thing about electronics is that they do not work as planned 25% of the time. This means that there are a lot of returns in this business. Managing the logistics of electronics supply and demand is a full time job. When […]

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E-Marketing Manager – What I Needed To Know


Being an e-marketing manager is an exciting profession. There are lots of clients who want to make more money from their customers. The traditional ads seen on television or magazines as well as heard on the radio are not converting clients like they used to. Being that mobile devices are used in greater frequency, e-marketing […]

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Can High Risk Solutions Help with a Dating Merchant Account?


High Risk Solutions is a company that specializes in high-risk credit card processing. A dating merchant account and other adult entertainment entities count the same as other high-risk business types. In order to take credit card payments from customers for your adult services, you need to fill out a merchant application. Adult entertainment businesses have […]

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Adult Movie Describer: What I Didn’t Know


Being an adult movie describer is really a full-time job. Because of the competition for people who pay for adult merchandise, there is a huge need for people to provide the descriptions for each video on a website. Every video must be watched, put into categories and have a catchy, marketing title and description. When […]

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